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   Chapter 190 Premium-stage Martial Arts

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Although Zachary was not that powerful, he studied all the structures and principles of the Black Spirit Ring in the booklet on weapon refining. So even without a strong power, he could break it anyway. It only required a little time.

"It looks like the Celestial College is quite wealthy. It's just a novice competition, but a treasure of Sage Level is employed for it. If I break this treasure, its owner will be extremely furious for sure. But it's not easy to break the Black Spirit Ring. Besides, I only get one chance to do it," Zachary whispered to himself. He then became serious. If he failed to break the Black Spirit Ring, the ring would strike back at him and he might get exposed and get seriously hurt.

He took a deep breath and then worked to break the Black Spirit Ring's energy holes. According to the booklet on weapon refining, the energy holes consisted of very small steel needles. These needles were forged with black steel that could gather the martial energy and stop it from dissipating. So if he wanted to break the energy holes, he must first destroy the needles first.

But the energy coming from the energy holes was dangerous. He could get severely injured if he triggered the energy holes by accident. But if he was careful, no harm would come to him.

Zachary took out a pair of delicate and exquisite tweezers from his pocket. He usually used them to trim his nasal hairs. The tweezers were made of superior materials and could absorb martial energy. Even if they accidentally touched the energy coming from the energy holes, the Black Spirit Ring wouldn't be triggered.

Zachary then carefully put the tweezers into an energy hole which was of the size of a thumb and started to destroy the steel needles inside the hole. Although the needles were thin, they were very hard. It took great effort to break the needles. When he broke a needle, the force of energy flowing from the energy hole also decreased.

However, there were five needles in each of the energy holes, and the Black Spirit Ring had more than twenty holes. Zachary must destroy a hundred steel needles to break the whole ring.

"Who the hell is that bastard who decided to protect the box

ned to activate his Shadow Pace to dodge the powerful martial energy. But another figure came close to him. It was Bruce.

"Zachary, let me save you!" Bruce shouted as he pretended to save Zachary. But his true intent was to approach Zachary without hindrance. When he got close enough, a sinister smile crossed his lips, the power at the fifth grade of Heaven Level shot out. He swung his arms, and two unimpressive dark light columns went towards Zachary's legs.

As soon as the dark light columns fell near his feet, a mysterious force grabbed Zachary's feet and made it hard for him to move.

"Go to hell, you brat!" Bruce smiled, and in the blink of an eye, he retreated as if he was thrown by Polly's martial energy.

Polly accumulated her martial energy. It continued to condense in front of her plump breasts. The next moment, the martial energy burst forth from her chest, like countless meteorites falling down from the sky that emitted dazzling columns of light. She hid herself among the columns of light and dashed directly towards Zachary.

"It's a martial skill at the premium stage! Very impressive!" A loud scream pierced the night and the audience was in an uproar. Polly used a powerful martial skill and was determined to kill Zachary on the spot.

The disciples had no idea of why Polly was doing this. Zachary had seen her naked torso, which was unbearably humiliating for her. Thus, in the mind of Polly, he had to die by her hands.

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