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   Chapter 189 Black Spirit Ring

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"We will make it clear for you," Ellison said with burning fury in his eyes. He glared at Zachary as if he wanted to twist his head off his shoulders.

"I'm sorry. I'm busy. Let's talk later," Zachary replied. He had no time to waste on him. The most important thing for Zachary right now was to get the key.

"Busy? I'll hit you until you're no longer busy," Ellison said as he let out a ferocious laugh. He then signaled to the three disciples of the Shura College behind him.

The three disciples immediately rushed towards Zachary as they prepared to fight.

Zachary glanced calmly at the disciples of the Shura College. Two of them were at the premium stage of Earth Level and one was at the first grade of Heaven Level. He shook his head and said blankly, "Don't waste time. Come at me together!"

They felt humiliated when they heard this. One of them jumped up and threw a punch at Zachary.

Zachary easily dodged the attack. He then flicked the forehead of the disciple with his finger so fast that he was not able to see what Zachary did. The disciple was knocked away and slammed into a tree a few meters away. He slid down to the ground, and passed out.

Before the other two disciples of the Shura College could react, a shadow flashed in front of them. They suddenly flew off as if they had been hit by a great force and fell to the ground unconscious.

Ellison was stunned when he saw what happened to his teammates. It never occurred to him that Zachary could cripple three disciples of the Shura College with very little effort.

"Are you going to fight with me or not? If you don't want to fight, then get out of here right now! Don't waste my time or get in my way!" Zachary exclaimed at the shaken Ellison.

Ellison met Zachary's gaze. But since he was at the fifth grade of Heaven Level, there was no reason for him to be afraid of Zachary. He immediately rushed at Zachary and used his most powerful martial arts skill, Celestial Demonic Fist.

Several streams of compressed martial energy flew out like air bombs and rushed towards Zachary. Before he could rea

ege were in groups of three or five, and fought against the disciples of the Shura College. The two sides were almost evenly matched.

'It will take some time to finish the fight. I have time to study the box, ' Zachary concluded. After he reflected on the situation for a while, he turned into a shadow and rushed into the battle ground. He then used the Flawless Illusion to merge himself with the surroundings and became virtually invisible and undetectable.

He carefully approached the weapon that protected the box.

The disciples of the two colleges never thought that there was a guy who was about to steal the key under their noses.

While the disciples were busy fighting, Zachary was studying the weapon.

'Wow! Isn't this the Black Spirit Ring? There is a record about this weapon in Anne's booklet on weapon refining. It's a very powerful weapon at the Sage Level, ' Zachary thought to himself as soon as he recognized the weapon before him.

The Black Spirit Ring was a special OH weapon. It could release its energy to protect a target person or item, and it could counterattack when it was attacked. But once used, it couldn't be moved. And if the protective layer was somehow forcefully destroyed, the weapon would also be destroyed and become useless. Only warriors at the Holy Level or the premium stage of Sage Level were able to break Black Spirit Ring by brute force.

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