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Chandler was shocked to hear this, and the other six new disciples were even more confused and shocked. However, they all looked down on Zachary and began to sneer at him.

"You are not the team leader. Why should I follow your command?"

"Who do you think you are? We only follow the orders of the team leader."

"A piece of trash like you can't give orders!"

"What are you talking about? How dare you say all that to Zachary! I declare that he is now our team leader!" Chandler shouted and cussed before Zachary could do anything or say anything.

When the six disciples heard this, their faces quickly changed and they immediately shut their mouths. They never dared offend Chandler. They knew well that he was a warrior of Heaven Level while they were only at the Earth Level. The gap between the two levels in strength was insurmountable.

"Ha-ha! Chandler, calm down!" Zachary laughed out loud and patted Chandler on his shoulder.

"Zachary, you are our team leader now, and we should all follow your orders," Chandler said with a grin. He had just received several treasures from Zachary and thus respected him more.

"Let's wait and see then," Zachary replied as he smiled humbly.

The other six disciples dared not object to Chandler's decision now that he had already considered Zachary as the team leader.

At the same time, the disciples of the Shura College surprisingly had the same tactics as the Celestial College. They were divided into six groups, scattered in different directions, and looked for the key and the Door of Victory.

The masters of both colleges sat at the auditorium as they listened to reports about the progress of the two colleges' teams. They whispered to each other from time to time after they heard the latest reports.

A day had passed.

Zachary's team stayed their ground and waited patiently while other teams of the two colleges had already searched more than half of the competition area. No fighting broke out yet. The disciples likely reserved their energy. However, as the search area became smaller and smaller, those teams were getting closer and closer to the key and the Door of Victory as well as to each other. A fierce battle was bound to happen so

ame time, the news that the key and the Door of Victory had been found also reached the ears of the spectators outside the competition area.

"Shura College's team found the Door of Victory first, which means it has got some advantages. If they get the key, then they will be the champion."

"Those disciples of Shura College are much stronger. It seems that this group competition is fraught with grim odds."

"Those new disciples of Celestial College aren't weak, either. Don't worry, the situation will change soon! We can be the winner at the last moment!"

All masters of the Celestial College became obviously excited except for Sara, who remained calm and composed.

The three masters from the Shura College, including Rupert, appeared extremely calm. They surely believed that they would win easily.

Back on the battle area, several figures rushed out from the bushes suddenly and blocked Zachary's path.

"We have been waiting for you for a long time," a leading figure immediately said with a sinister smile on his face.

"It's you again!" Zachary took a closer look and saw that the man Ellison, who confronted him last time to see whose treasure beast was better.

As soon as Zachary and his team had entered the fighting area, Ellison had been watching and following him carefully. But since they stayed still, he never had the chance to take any further actions. The only thing that he was able to do was hide in the dark and wait for an opportunity.

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