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   Chapter 187 The Six Groups Of Disciples

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Rita gave Zachary a chiding look, but since he had helped her track Polly in the Incredible Space, she was willing to help him this time. As the disciples talked with each other, she walked forward in front of the crowd. She looked around as if gauging the disciples and said, "I'd like to say something!"

All the disciples looked her way immediately. It was not every day that Rita stood up in front of the disciples and wanted to say something. If it were any other disciple, they would absolutely not pay any attention to him or her. But Rita was different. She was still ranked number one on the list of most potential new disciples in the Celestial College, and had never been dethroned. It was now common knowledge that she hid her real cultivation level from people.

It was also known that in the last three months, a lot of new disciples of the Heaven Level had secretly challenged Rita in order to take the rank of first place. But unsurprisingly, all of them lost to Rita. So it quickly became obvious that Rita's cultivation level was far beyond any of the new disciples.

Therefore, when Rita stood in front of the new disciples and wanted to say something, all the disciples were attentive and listened carefully.

"Rita, what do you have in mind?" Colin asked politely.

"We are in a group competition this time. But it is a fact that the key and the Door of Victory are hidden in extremely secluded places that are not easy to find. Because of this, the mission will be hard to complete even if all the disciples are united together, or are divided into two groups. If we want to find the key and the Door of Victory in the shortest possible time, we need to approach them in a different way," Rita explained in a serious tone.

The disciples started to murmur and nod at each other. They agreed that Rita's statement made perfect sense.

"What is your plan, Rita?" Colin asked after a time.

"I think that it's better for us to depend on individual ability to find the key and the Door of Victory. Therefore, I think that the disciples with higher cultivation levels than the rest should form into several groups to search for the key and the Door of Victory. Even if t

e Heaven Level, which was the group leader.

"Your two groups are responsible for luring the disciples from the Shura College to distract them, but try not to have any direct confrontation," Colin told Chandler and the other group leader.

Chandler and the other group leader listened carefully and nodded immediately.

"Let's go then! The other six groups will search in different directions for the key and the Door of Victory. If we find the key first, we will fire off a red signal flare. If we find the Door of Victory first, we will fire off a green signal flare. The group which finds the Door of Victory will be responsible to guard it and take action accordingly!" Colin led the group that consisted of the disciples of the Virid Sword Sect. They went out after he spoke.

The other five groups went their separate ways.

Rita and Elva's group set out the last.

"Chandler, be careful and take good care of Zachary!" Elva reminded Chandler before they set out.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure to take care of him," Chandler replied confidently as he patted his chest.

Elva nodded at Chandler and then left with her group.

The other group that was responsible for luring the Shura College also set out, leaving only Zachary's group alone in the gathering area.

"Zachary, shall we go too?" Chandler asked as he looked at Zachary.

"No, we're not going anywhere. We'll just nourish our energy here," Zachary said as he waved his hand.

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