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   Chapter 186 The Fiftieth Member

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As the three-day time limit approached, Zachary knew that Sophie would definitely come to see him. So, he decided to hide in the system, where he could wait for as long as he needed to.

As another two days passed by, the competition between the Celestial College and the Shura College also kicked off.

First, it was the group competition. The two colleges sent teams of fifty each to compete according to the rules. The rules were simple. Upon entering the designated area, both teams had to find the Door of Victory and the key that would unlock it. Finally, the team that successfully opened the Door of Victory with the key, would be declared the winner.

However, the key to the Door of Victory as well as the door were both hidden. Plus, the space that came in the competition's ambit was spread out over a wide area, which made it impossible even for a team of fifty to locate the Door of Victory and its key easily. Moreover, while looking for these two things, the members of the two teams would definitely encounter one another as they competed. The rules seemed to be simple, but in fact, they required both teams to do their best, be flexible, and react accordingly—for any decision or move they might make, could affect the competition's final outcome.

As the number of disciples from the Shura College was fifty, they all could partake in the event. However, as for the Celestial College, their top five disciples from each of their ten teams were selected to form a complete team for the competition, with Team Ten being the only exception. Only its four disciples were confirmed, and they had yet to decide the last person who would participate in the competition.

All the disciples were guessing who would be that last team member representing the Celestial College in the competition.

Now, the two teams stood in front of each other in the competition area, rubbing their hands, and getting ready to fight.

The Shura College's three masters were busy thinking of tactics and methods for their di

he Door of Victory as well as the key to it were hidden.

"Colin, do you think we should look for the key or the door first?" Jason asked arrogantly, as if he was not convinced that Colin was the right team lead.

"Given our strength, we should find the key first, and gain an upper hand in the competition. If we find the Door of Victory first, but our opposing team manages to find its key, then we may not be able to guard the door," Colin answered.

"But if we think like this, they might think on the same lines. So, I think we should do the opposite of what you propose," Jason suggested.

"I think we should divide into two groups. One group should look for the door and the other should focus on finding the key, simultaneously," Richard said.

"In that case, our power would be divided as well, which might give the Shura College leverage, and they might sweep us in," Jason disagreed.

Of the rest of the disciples, some supported Colin, some were in Jason's favor, while others lent their support to Richard.

It was chaotic.

"Beautiful Rita..." At that moment, Zachary suddenly approached Rita, and whispered something in her ear.

Hearing Zachary's words, Rita stared at him with a strange look on her face.

"I helped you last time, and this time I am asking you for a favor," said Zachary, curling up his lips.

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