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   Chapter 185 The Group Competition With Shura College

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Zachary was not surprised to hear what Sara said, because he was aware that she doubted his cultivation level. He also knew that the reason why she asked him to take part in the test at the Soul Testing Pagoda was to gauge his cultivation level. However, even though Sara had already known his true cultivation level at that time, she never revealed it to him, which was strange for him. Zachary smiled calmly and slightly nodded. "You are a good observer. It seems that I can't hide anything from you."

"What I don't understand is that when you were in the Welkin Sect, you were only at the Mortal Level. But a few months after you entered the Celestial College, you suddenly reached the Heaven Level. Is it because I had misunderstood you in the first place or because you had gone through something amazing in the past few months, or because you had used some special cultivation methods?" Sara asked in a fit of curiosity.

"Well, I don't have to tell you that. Anyway, what is more important to you right now is the competition. It is useless to dig out the past," Zachary replied in a calm voice devoid of any exaggeration. He knew that there must be a reason why Sara chose him to take part in the group competition. He knew that she must have done it for a specific purpose.

"You are wise. So I can look forward to your performance in the group competition with the Shura College, can't I?" Sara asked directly as she sensed that Zachary already knew her thoughts.

"Is it a trap for me?" Zachary knew that she lured him into a trap.

"You just found out?" She smiled knowingly at Zachary.

"If you have something to say, just say it. There's no need to beat around the bush," Zachary said with a wide smile.

"This group competition with the Shura College will affect the reputation of our Celestial College. Although our college ranks second among the four martial colleges, the disciples from our college have won the first prizes in the past ten years. But the new disciples from Shura College this year is much stronger than those in the previous years. In addition, there are many talents in this competition, including Polly. She has great potential and her cultivation level is way more powerful than Joyce's. So Master Katrina is concerned about this competition. That's why the competition is divided into group competition and individual competition," Sara rep

as he approached Chandler.

"No. She's not here. She was summoned to the square not long ago. By the way, did you get anything from this trip to the Incredible Space? I really envy you for getting the opportunity to enter such a place," Chandler said in admiration. Although he had successfully broken through to the Heaven Level two months ago, his lack of talent prevented him from passing the incarnation test. Thus he was unable to enter the Incredible Space.

"Why do you envy me?" Zachary asked as he smiled at Chandler. He felt sorry for Chandler in his heart when he noticed that Chandler looked downcast. Chandler had good qualifications when he was in the Welkin Sect. But no one noticed his true potential when he got into the Celestial College. Although he was intelligent and always worked hard, he didn't have credible improvement in terms of cultivation level.

Zachary went into the east room and took out a few treasures of Heaven Level and Rare Level from the Treasure-hunting System. He left them in the room before leaving. "Chandler, I've left something in the room for you," Zachary said to Chandler. He tapped Chandler on his shoulder as if telling him to hang in there and never lose hope. Zachary left the disciple dormitory before Chandler could react and find out what he left for him.

Chandler went to the east room and he was shocked to see several shining treasures arranged neatly on the table. He couldn't help trembling and said excitedly, "Zachary, you are such a fool! You should keep those rare treasures for yourself instead of giving them to me!"

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