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   Chapter 184 Being Asked To Join The Group Competition

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"Polly, are you all right? Why do I have to gouge out my eyes?" Zachary never expected that Polly was so cruel. So he took her words as a joke, and he never intended to lower himself to the same level as her.

"Because you..." Polly stopped in mid-sentence. She seemed too embarrassed to talk about what happened inside the Incredible Space.

"What? At least give me a good reason," Zachary asked. He tried his best to prove himself innocent.

"No need for any reason. Since you refused to do that, don't blame me for being rude to you," Polly replied and furiously stared at Zachary. She then approached him, intending to dig out his eyes by herself.

"You are so unreasonable! I just took a very brief look at your body! You didn't lose anything due to that." Zachary shook his head when Polly rushed towards him.

When Polly heard his words, she became even more furious and red-faced. She wished that she could tear him into pieces. But she was afraid that if the news spread, she would be humiliated in public. So she made up her mind to keep his mouth shut. And the best way was to teach him a lesson.

Zachary never dodged even at the threat of Polly's incoming attack. In an instant, she rushed directly in front of him, and pointed her fingers at his eyes, preparing to dig out his eyes.

Regardless of how powerful Polly was, it was not difficult for Zachary to dodge her attack. But he never made an effort to dodge as he felt a powerful aura that quickly approached the scene.

And sure enough, in the blink of an eye, a delicate feminine figure suddenly appeared. With a wave of her hand, a stream of powerful martial energy at the King Level rushed out and forced Polly to retreat.

After Polly retreated a few meters, her face suddenly changed. She stared up at the silhouette who flung her away. Polly was taken aback, for the silhouette was no other than Sara's most trusted person, Rebecca.

"Polly, although I don't know what misunderstanding you have with Zachary, according to the rules of our Celestial College, no one is allowed to fight privately without permission and a supervisor present. Anyone who breaks this rule will be punished severely!" Rebecca said seriously as she stared at Polly.

Polly never expected that s

zing Roc?" Sara asked in a flat tone. She had her suspicions but none of it was even close to a logical explanation.

"That would be great if someone thought of giving me a treasure beast. But the sad reality is that nobody gave it to me. It's pure luck for me to capture and tame the Blazing Roc," Zachary explained. He tamed the Blazing Roc because he was favored by luck; otherwise, he would have been killed by the beast.

"Really?" Sara doubted Zachary's story but had no choice but to believe it. She studied Zachary from head to foot, as if she seriously contemplated something. After a moment of reflection, she continued, "There will be a formal competition between the Celestial College and the Shura College, including group competition and individual competition. I asked you to meet me here to let you know that you will join the group competition representing our Celestial College."

"What?" Zachary was stunned. He never expected that Sara would ask him to participate in the group competition against Shura College.

"Why are you so surprised?" Knowing that Zachary liked putting on an exaggerated expression, Sara gave him a stern and doubtful look.

"With my current strength, I should not be qualified to participate in the group competition," Zachary explained in a humble tone that was mixed with worry.

"How long do you plan to hide your strength at the Heaven Level?! I was certain that you reached the Heaven Level since three months ago," Sara said without hesitation.

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