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   Chapter 182 The Friendship-enhancing Pill

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7388

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"Now you possess the triple martial speed. If you want to get the quadruple martial speed, you have to draw the fourth-grade Martial Speed Boosting Pill, and each time you need to pay 100 treasure-hunting coins."

"100 coins? It means that in total I can draw ten times and not more than that." Zachary was hesitant. Because if he took those treasure-hunting coins to draw the Cultivation Boosting Pills, he could at least break through to the third or fourth grade of King Level.

However, what he was keen to improve was his martial speed and not so much his cultivation level. That was because martial speed was of critical importance for warriors, and was even of greater value when it came to increasing it to a higher level. Nevertheless, finally gritting his teeth, he stood in front of the Dark Wonder Cauldron and shouted, "Put in 100 treasure-hunting coins!"

After Zachary said that, the Dark Wonder Cauldron suddenly flickered, but after a while, it stopped moving.

"Did I fail? Go ahead, and do the needful!" Zachary shook his head.

He tried the second time. But he failed again.

After that, he drew five times in a row, but failed each time.

"Now, I have only three attempts left," he murmured to himself. He looked worse than crying, because the 700 treasure-hunting coins he had were all gone. That was indeed a monumental waste.

But he wouldn't give up. So he continued to put more coins in it!

The eighth time... The ninth time!

And he continued to fail! "I wonder if the Dark Wonder Cauldron is broken? I have tried to draw nine times, but I got nothing from it. I'm afraid the odds of getting a Martial Speed Boosting Pill are really one in a thousand." It seemed that he had underestimated the odds.

"Well, I'll leave the remaining treasure-hunting coins to buy food for Orion and Kiwi." Looking at the remaining treasure-hunting coins, Zachary regretted having lost the coins he had put in the Dark Wonder Cauldron.

Just after that, he shook his head, turned around and swore, "Damn it, I don't believe this. I will draw for the last time, now!"

No sooner had Zachary spoken than the Dark Wonder Cauldron lit up again and stayed lit a little longer than ear

to do your bidding, and she can't refuse you."

"Is it the beauty collection mode you talked about before?" Zachary's eyes lit up.

"Yes. The system has been repaired and upgraded, so the beauty collection mode is in operation now," Mimi replied.

"That's great! Does it mean that it can work on Master Anne? If I can make her to obey my orders... Ha-ha." Zachary's mind started to wander.

"That's right. But now your friendship level with Anne only reaches level 1. You still need to work harder!" Mimi encouraged Zachary.

'Level 1 only? If I have the Friendship-enhancing Pill, I'm sure that my friendship level with her will reach level 10 sooner or later. The main quest is a fair deal, ' Zachary thought carefully. "Tell me what the main quest is."

"Now, I give you the main quest—the object is Polly Qiu, the new disciple of Shura College. You need to make Polly save you, regardless of her life," Mimi stated.

On hearing that, Zachary wanted to swear. What a quest it was! There was no way Polly would save his life. Firstly, Polly was the Shura College's disciple. Therefore, it was unreasonable for her to save him—a disciple from the Celestial College. Secondly, he had accidentally seen Polly half-naked in the Incredible Space. Therefore, he would count himself lucky were Polly not to take revenge on him when they bumped into each other again. Consequently, he didn't see any way in which she would be willing to save his life risking hers.

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