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   Chapter 181 The Upgrade Of The Holy Bone Bracer

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As soon as Zachary took the Mysterious Wood Root back to the Living-dead Tomb, Anne noticed that he returned empty-handed. She narrowed her eyes and asked, "So, you didn't make it, huh?"

"It's not like that," Zachary argued. "Master Tania was just so delighted to see me that she gave me the Mysterious Wood Root as a gift." Zachary laughed loudly as he took out the Mysterious Wood Root from his inner pocket.

Anne was surprised to see that he did take the root back. She raised her eyebrow curiously and asked, "You stole the root, right?"

"I already told you! It's a gift from Master Tania," Zachary denied, waving his hand dismissively.

"Don't lie to me! She will never give you the root for free!" Anne said, glaring coldly at her disciple.

Zachary shrugged and laughed to himself. Then, he told her the entire story behind the root. After hearing the whole story, Anne kept shaking her head and questioned, "When are you going to be more cautious and make more progress, Zachary?" Fortunately, for Anne's sake, Tania was kind enough to cut Zachary some slack. If she didn't, he might have gotten the root but he wouldn't be coming back unscathed.

"Master Anne, there's no problem anymore, right?" Zachary asked as he handed over the root to her.

"With this root, we'll be able to fix the weapon," Anne nodded. "By the way, have you upgraded your Holy Bone Bracer lately?"

"What? No. I don't think I've had it upgraded yet..." If Anne never mentioned it to him, he definitely would have forgotten about upgrading the Holy Bone Bracer. Although he had been studying the Heavenly Weapon Refining Skill, he never thought of upgrading the bracer.

Anne shot Zachary a pointed look and said, "The Holy Bone Bracer is already infused with the martial soul. That means it already bears a lot of power. If you don't upgrade it soon, it will become too brittle once you use it too much. Get it upgraded as soon as possible, Zachary."

"Yes, Master Anne! I'll go do that now. I'll leave the MH weapon at the Divine Level to you," Zachary said with a wide grin, before turning to leave.

After he returned to the system, Zachary picked out some materials at the Earth Level and Heaven Level from his treasure house so he could use it to upgrade the Holy Bone Bracer. Since he had to upgrade it, he wanted to make sure that it was upgraded to the Heaven Level. With that in mind, he trotted over to the weapon refining room.

However, when he enter

lso be small. Therefore, in fact, he couldn't draw many times by using the one thousand and one coins.

Moreover, he had a Cultivation Boosting Pill in hand, which could help him reach the eighth grade of Heaven Level. He thought that he would definitely be able to reach the King Level in a shorter time compared to the others, based on the large number of treasures he had got. Thus, it would be a bit of a waste for him to draw the Cultivation Boosting Pills.

Most importantly, the triple martial speed was not one of his advantages anymore after he reached the King Level. In the Celestial College, all the top twenty warriors of King Level had quadruple martial speed. That meant, if one wanted to be an outstanding warrior of King Level, it was necessary for him to attain quadruple martial speed first.

'So, does this mean that I still have to draw the Martial Speed Boosting Pill?' Zachary thought quietly, a stern frown apparent on his face. He knew that the chance of drawing such a pill was rare, only one-thousandth.

Despite that fact, however, Zachary still wanted to try it. He always liked to challenge things that looked impossible, so he went over to the Peach Blossom Forest where he saw the Dark Wonder Cauldron and the Light Wonder Cauldron in the center.

"Orion and Kiwi, come and draw the lottery with me now," Zachary exclaimed at his two beasts, the Thunder Dragon Horse and the Blazing Roc who were playing around.

The two beasts immediately approached Zachary in high spirits.

"Mimi, how many treasure-hunting coins will it cost for one lottery draw at the Dark Wonder Cauldron?" Zachary asked at once.

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