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   Chapter 179 The Illusory Dragon Spine

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"No." Anne shook her head and looked at Zachary in surprise. She never thought that he could identify Tania.

"You are really Tania! I was right!" Zachary felt overjoyed. He never expected that his guess was right. The beautiful woman in white was indeed Tania. Just like Anne, she was a character of some famous novel.

"Hurry up and get him away from my Fairy Island. And don't trample the grass!" Tania left with displeasure on her face.

"Let's just go back." Anne turned her eyes to him, and then went forward.

Zachary followed her closely behind.

They went back to the area of the Living-dead Tomb after they passed the invisible barrier.

"Master Anne, so you often go to the Fairy Island and spar with Master Tania, do you?" Zachary pried.

"So, what's up?" Anne asked, completely ignoring his question.

"I have obtained a MH weapon of Divine Level, but unfortunately, it is damaged. So I want to ask you to repair it for me," Zachary pleaded.

"Oh, a MH weapon of Divine Level, you say?" Anne asked with obvious curiosity.

After they returned to the Living-dead Tomb, Zachary handed over the MH weapon of Divine Level to Anne.

"It's the Illusory Dragon Spine. I can't believe it! How did you get this treasure?" Anne asked. She was stunned when she saw the MH weapon of Divine Level that Zachary handed to her.

"Is this weapon very powerful? You look so surprised to see it," Zachary asked excitedly after he saw the expression on Anne's face.

"Maybe powerful, maybe not," Anne replied in a slightly mocking tone.

"What do you mean by that? So is it powerful or not?" Zachary asked. He became confused with Anne's reply.

"Although it is a MH weapon of Divine Level, it is similar to an OH weapon in some aspect. It can summon an Illusory Dragon that can be turned into any MH weapon of fire element. Moreover, it can also release martial skills of fire element. But there is a time limit, so it is not suitable for long time use."

"That sounds great!" Zachary was surpri

d be able to recognize it." He suddenly thought of something and proceeded on his way.

Zachary activated the power of the Dog Soul Ring and began to search for the Mysterious Wood Root. However, because there were many precious flowers and herbs growing in the Fairy Island and it was like a large treasure house made of elixir materials, the different scents mixed with each other, and it was difficult to tell one from another.

After a while, Zachary reached the central area of the island where several bamboo houses stood.

"This must be where she lives." There were many flowers and trees lined the building.

Zachary then saw Tania as she walked out of a bamboo house with a watering can in her hand. He hid and watched her from a distance.

She took the watering can and began to water the flowers and plants around the bamboo house.

'Since I don't know the location of the Mysterious Wood Root, why not follow her there?' Zachary laughed wickedly at his idea. He then shouted, "Oh my God! Where is the Mysterious Wood Root? Why can't I find it anywhere?"

Tania, who was watering the flowers, heard the voice and immediately became alert. "Who dares trespass on my Fairy Island?" she shouted out. She suddenly disappeared and reappeared in the place where Zachary had been.

But he had already gone when she got there.

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