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   Chapter 178 A Beauty In White

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"According to reliable sources, the Five-God Treasures are currently hidden in the Five-God Tombs. The five tombs are the burial sites for five warriors. It was said that they could control one of the five elements each. Their strength was unimaginable and more powerful than warriors of Divine Level. They were undefeatable in the entire world of martial arts, and no one could ever match up to their power. Furthermore, their descendants were also the first generation of warriors to enter the Supernal Continent. According to the records left by the descendants of the five warriors, not only are there the Five-God Treasures in the Five-God Tombs, but there are also five different sources of elements left by the five warriors. If one is lucky enough to find one of them and harness it, they will be able to obtain one of the most powerful martial energy with certain element.

"Is that so? So is this Five-God Compass able to help me find the Five-God Treasures?" Zachary asked curiously with a lopsided smile.

"That's right. It's pointless to look for the Five-God Tombs without this artifact. They are hidden in the most secluded and dangerous terrains of the Supernal Continent. If you are not a warrior of Sage Level or above, you won't be able to obtain the Five-God Treasures."

Zachary sighed in exasperation. "Well I guess it's pointless to hunt for the Five-God Treasures for the time being." He knew he was far too weak to be able to tread across those dangerous areas at his current state.

After their small discussion, Zachary took the MH weapon of Divine Level to the Living-dead Tomb. He left to find Anne, who might be able to repair this weapon.

"Master Anne, your favorite disciple is here," Zachary shouted as he stood in front of the Living-dead Tomb, which was tightly sealed shut.

A short while later, he still hadn't heard a response. He took the liberty to push the door open, entering the Living-dead Tomb on his own. Once he peered his head past the door did he realize that Anne was nowhere in sight. He also couldn't sense her aura within the tomb.

"Hmm. Where could she be?" Zachary wondered to himself. If Anne wasn't here, it meant that he had to go back.

As soon as he walked out of the Living-dead Tomb, he suddenly remembered that the new scene. He was keen on exploring it himself. After thinking if it was worth exploring at the moment

nytail, while small wisps of hair hung to frame her face up to the ends of her shoulders. Her red lips, dainty eyebrows and fair skin were so exquisite that Zachary could compare her to a smooth jade. It was far different from what he expected, based on the frightening strength of her aura. She looked like a fairy from a folk story, but he knew that she was far, far stronger than that.

"She looks like Tania, a woman character of the novel 'The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, '" Zachary murmured to himself. Seeing that their fight had wound down, he took the opportunity to jump from the tree and meet the two of them. "Master Anne!" he called out.

Anne turned her head around and she was surprised to see him. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I've missed you so much," Zachary answered, smiling sheepishly at her.

"So you can enter this scene now? I didn't expect that," Anne replied, smirking at her young disciple in mild admiration.

"Who is this?" asked the woman in white, furrowing her thin, dark eyebrows.

"Oh. My disciple," Anne replied succinctly.

The woman raised her eyebrow suspiciously. "Disciple? Since when did you take in a glib and stupid disciple?" the woman teased, eyeing Zachary with scrutiny.

"I may be glib, but I'm not stupid," Zachary argued, returning her dig at him with a raised eyebrow. "I'm fairly certain that there's no other man more handsome or smarter than me in this world. By the way, your name is Tania, right?"

"How did you know that?" the woman asked in disbelief. She turned to Anne and asked, "Have you told him about me?"

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