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   Chapter 177 The Five-God Treasures

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"Elva, you are so bold! But I like it!" Zachary declared with an impish grin on his face. He never expected that Elva would be so happy to see him that she'd throw herself into his arms, but he was truly amused by such a pleasant surprise.

Elva immediately noticed her blunder and immediately pushed him away. She glared at him and said in a threatening voice, "You bastard! You scared me to death!"

"Hey, you brat, don't make things this dramatic every time," Sara said as she cast a disapproving glance at Zachary.

"Ha-ha, I didn't know that Master Shu is here too!" Zachary exclaimed in surprise when he saw Sophie was there as well.

"Humph!" Although Sophie didn't say anything, her eyes betrayed her slight concern.

The other masters of the Celestial College also wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads and sighed loudly in relief.

Rupert and the other two masters from Shura College had a different reaction. They had expected that the Celestial College had lost one of its peerless talents this time, and felt thankful for it. But they never expected to be disappointed once more at the critical moment.

But they were not the only ones. Bruce's expression was even worse. He looked like extremely mad. He never expected that Zachary was so lucky to have gotten out of the Incredible Space at the last moment.

"Bruce! So you were not buried alive!" Zachary said as he stared at Bruce with a smile.

"And you also didn't die from falling from such a high place," Bruce replied back in a cold tone.

"Just the same as you," Zachary said with the same insulting smile at Bruce. But there was a hidden intense anger in his eyes when he stared at Bruce. He would never forget that Bruce tried to kill him by launching a deadly strike against him during that time.

They glared at each other with great hatred in their eyes, as if a fight would erupt between them in any minute.

"Well, the trial is over. You should all gather outside now," Sara announced to Zachary and other disciples at once.

Afterwards, Zachary and the others disciples walked out of the Soul Testing Pagoda as Sophie closely followed.

The freshmen from the two colleges that were gathered outside the Soul Testing Pagoda looked differently when they saw that Zachary and Elva were able to get out safely.

"They are still alive!"

"It seems that they are quite lucky. They didn't die even after falling into the abyss."

"But if they died, Zachary would be so lucky to have the company of such

st: a Cultivation Boosting Pill at the Heaven Level.

The reward of the random quest: a Strength Pill at the Heaven Level."

The two pills appeared in front of Zachary, and he took them both.

"By the way, where is this new scene Fairy Island that you mentioned? What's the purpose of this new scene?" Zachary asked eagerly.

"I can't answer your questions. You have to experience the new scene by yourself," Mimi replied in her usual tone.

"Well, let's talk about it later. Help me identify the two treasures first." Zachary took out the spine-shaped object and compass from his storage space, and had the first item examined.


Examination completed. Congratulations on your success in gaining a MH weapon at the Divine Level."

"A MH weapon at the Divine Level? Really? I'm so lucky!" Zachary was very excited. A wide smile was on his face.

"However, this weapon is seriously damaged. Only a weapon refiner with super talent can repair it, but even so, the chances of completely repairing it are very low." Mimi's words made Zachary feel frustrated. He felt like he was violently jerked out of a very pleasant dream.

"You have got to be kidding me! But I think Master Anne can repair it," Zachary mumbled to himself thoughtfully. Then he took out the compass for identification. "What about the compass?"


Examination completed. This is the Five-God Compass. According to historical records of the Supernal Continent, you can find the Five-God Treasures using this compass!"

"The Five-God Treasures? Tell me more, Mimi," Zachary requested. The sound of a possible treasure hunt immediately piqued his interest.

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