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   Chapter 176 Come Back

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"Sophie, please. I also want to go in and look for him, but there are restrictions for entering the Soul Testing Door!" Although Sara was facing a warrior of Sage Level, she still maintained calm.

Sophie seemed to have realized her sudden inappropriate behavior. She quickly shoved Sara away and sneered at her. "He can't die. If he died, then I would make it my mission to destroy your Celestial College."

Seeing how domineering and superior Sophie was, Sara, as well as the rest of the masters, stood idly in cold sweat. After all, a warrior of Sage Level had the freedom and liberty to threaten such a thing. Nobody would be able to retaliate against her. They were afraid that she could actually cause trouble for the Celestial College because of Zachary's death.

However, they still couldn't figure out why Sophie was so upset. What relationship did she share with Zachary, anyway?

Deep inside, Sophie was frightened. Her marriage contract was still in his hands. It would have been good if Zachary had the contract with him, because that would mean that all her trouble would end. However, she was afraid that he had hidden the marriage contract in some secret place. If he truly died, only Katrina would be able to know where the contract was. Then there was a high possibility that she could keep controlling Sophie. She hoped that the contract was in Zachary's hands, because dealing with him was much easier than dealing with Katrina.

When the three masters from Shura College saw Sophie's rage and heard her pronouncement to destroy the Celestial College, they all smiled smugly. They knew of Sophie's strong influence at the Dignity College, which meant that she could severely damage or even destroy the Celestial College. Maybe then, the Shura College would eventually become the next top school.

Just as the situation was about to get worse, a figure suddenly passed through the Soul Testing Door. Everyone turned their heads once again in shock.

"Elva!" A number of people gasped in surprise, while others were so startled that they just stared wide-eyed.

n an instant, her body was gone, now transforming into countless streams of water. She tried to hold the Soul Testing Door from closing, and soon enough, the Soul Testing Pagoda was filled with Sophie's strong aura. It felt like a strong and loud thunderstorm had entered the Soul Testing Pagoda. Everyone was stuck in awe at Sophie's prowess, and they couldn't help but feel a little frightened.

Unfortunately, nothing could stop the Soul Testing Door from closing. It was far stronger than Sophie's power. It still kept shrinking and closing at a stable pace.

"Shit!" Sophie yelled, pulling more of strength towards the streams to hold the door open.

With only a few inches to spare before it closed, everyone was losing hope. It wasn't until another figure suddenly flew out from the Soul Testing Door that the door got closed completely.

Sophie quickly reverted back to her physical form as she breathed tiredly. After the figure landed, it looked back at the sealed door and smirked excitedly. "I made it in time. Thank God."

Having fixed their eyes on the figure who had just passed through the Soul Testing Door, the people on spot were stunned into total silence. They couldn't believe that Zachary had made it.

Zachary was an exceptionally lucky man.

"Zachary? It's you!" Elva screamed in relief and happiness, running up to Zachary to bring him in her embrace.

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