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   Chapter 175 Lose Composure

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"Really?" Thomson asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"Yes. He's right, Thomson. We saw the signal flare ourselves. We ran as soon as we saw it, and that's how we found Bruce and Elva. He said they used the signal flare because they almost got lost in an ice cave," a supervisor chimed in.

Contrary to what they believed, it was actually Elva who sent the signal. The other supervisors didn't investigate the real situation properly at that time. This was why most of them would really think that it was Bruce who sent the signal.

"Is that so?" Thomson pondered with a finger tapping his chin. He glanced slightly towards Bruce and sighed. "Well if that's the case, we don't have any other choice. Report the truth to the masters once we all get back. Everyone else, start lining up."

It only took a few minutes before the freshmen of the two colleges lined up orderly. Each of them, along with Thomson and the supervisors, went through the Soul Testing Door before they finally returned to the Soul Testing Pagoda.

On the other side of the pagoda, Sara and the rest of the masters, as well as the three masters from Shura College, sighed in relief when they finally saw the disciples return safe and sound. After all, even if the Soul Testing Door was finally reopened, there was still a dangerous world beyond it. What worried them most was that it would suddenly close and trap all the disciples within, just like it had in the past. It was a good thing that everyone was accounted for. At least, that was what they thought.

The disciples and the supervisors had reassembled themselves by the Soul Testing Pagoda.

"Thomson, is everyone here?" Sara asked as she tried to poke her head through the crowd to look for Zachary and Elva.

"No," Thomson answered, and Sara's eyes widened. "Zachary and Elva were killed in an avalanche." Thomson closed his eyes apologetically.

Sara, as well as the rest of the masters, were shocked by the news. It was difficult to accept that they had lost two disciples.

"What? An avalanche? But where are their bodies? How

freshman at Celestial College, but she was a famous warrior in the Supernal Continent. They were all shocked with awe.

"Well, why are you so quiet? Answer me. Where is he?" Sophie asked impatiently.

"He's dead," Sara answered weakly, heaving a heavy sigh.

Sophie glared at Sara tightly. "What? Are you kidding me? How could he die?" Sophie didn't seem to believe Sara's answer one bit.

"I'm not joking. I just found out that he died while he was cultivating in the Incredible Space," Sara answered, a pained look staining her face.

Sophie was shocked to hear what she had just said. After she judged from Sara's solemn expression, it was only then that she realized that Sara might not be lying after all. Without hesitating, she yanked on Sara's sleeve and pulled her closer to her. "No. I don't believe you. I need to go inside to find him,"

Sophie spat, and Sara felt a searing pain on the side of her collarbone. Sophie was indeed a strong warrior like everyone had said. She was able to quickly break through Sara's material energy armor.

Seeing how anxious Sophie was acting, everyone around them started whispering. They couldn't understand why both Sophie and Sara were feeling so strongly over Zachary's death. There must have been a special relationship with the three of them. Otherwise, how could the dignified warrior, Sophie, act so emotional?

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