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   Chapter 174 Martial Fire Tomb

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6969

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"You did? Really?" Sophie asked in a suspicious tone.

"I know that you wouldn't believe me if I tell you about it. That's why I didn't want to tell you about it in the first place. The one I found is the Martial Fire Tomb. I've already visited it once and it's not very dangerous. Of course, it's not that easy to get into. But it should be easy enough for both of us!" Katrina explained in a calm voice.

"Why did you decide to tell me about it? Why not look for another warrior of Sage Level? You can choose any warrior of Sage Level in your Celestial College. You can even choose a warrior of Holy Level. But I'm afraid you will not be able to invite one!" Sophie still couldn't understand why Katrina chose to tell her about it. She was a strong rival of Katrina, and it was unrealistic to let a warrior cooperate with a strong opponent. Moreover, it was something related to the legendary Five-God Tombs.

"I have my reasons. You only have to say yes or no," Katrina replied.

"It's a big decision. I will have to think about it." Sophie thought if the term of Katrina was not so difficult, she would help her. After all, for her, the marriage contract was like a ticking time bomb. It was not a threat to her life, but it was a threat to her reputation. However, after she heard what Katrina just said, she felt that it was not that simple at all. There was definitely a reason why Katrina decided to let her join. And thus, she had to be more careful.

"Well, whatever. I'm not in a hurry anyway," Katrina replied casually. She thought that there was no need to worry. It was Sophie who wanted the marriage contract, not her.

"By the way, I heard that the Soul Testing Door of your Celestial College was reopened. I never expect that the Soul Testing Door will be opened again after two hundred years. The luck of your Celestial College can be amazing!" Sophie said in a jealous tone. The Soul Testing Door granted access to the Incredible Space. It was a training place that had been the dream of countless warriors. Although she had never entered it herself, accordi

ed to them.

"They won't be coming back," a low and gloomy voice announced from the crowd.

All the disciples present turned towards the voice. They were surprised to find that the person who spoke was Bruce, a disciple from the same sect with Zachary and Elva.

"What do you mean by that?" Thomson frowned and asked Bruce in a commanding voice.

"They were buried in an abyss," Bruce replied expressionlessly. A flash of hatred obviously burned in his eyes.

An uproar filled the gathering area, and all the disciples were shocked with what they heard.

"How do you know this?" Thomson asked as his face changed into a look that he suspected something.

"Because we were together. When we entered an ice plain, we encountered an avalanche. They both failed to avoid it in time, so they were swept by the avalanche into the abyss," Bruce explained slowly.

"Then why didn't you use the signal flare? Even if they were swept into a chasm, they might still be alive and could be saved," Thomson asked in a doubting tone.

"Because I have already used the signal flare before," Bruce replied as he shook his head. Of course he was lying. No one knew that the truth was that when he saw that Elva chased after Zachary and fell into the basin with him, he was so angry that he left them both for dead. His hatred for Zachary left him unwilling to care anything about them.

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