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   Chapter 173 Five-God Tombs

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"Stop following me!" Elva turned around and gave Zachary a cold glance, gesturing for him not to take another step.

"Elva, you have just recovered from the poison, and your martial energy has not fully recharged yet. If I don't follow you, who will protect you?" Zachary smiled, amused to see Elva so restless and agitated. Indeed it was a rare sight to see her like that, but that only added to his interest.

Elva was speechless. She couldn't refute him because Zachary wasn't wrong. Without any martial energy in her body, the consequences of what could happen to her if she were to take action alone was inevitably dire. Despite her reluctance to give in, all the more because of what Zachary had said, Elva knew that allowing her anger to flare up would do her no good. She had already had sex with Zachary, and she tried to not care about it. She found that it was impossible, however, for such a thing to be really disregarded, and the best she could do now was to divert her attention from it.

After taking a few deep breaths, Elva calmed down. She looked at Zachary and said, "If you keep messing around, I promise I'll stop talking to you. Just let bygones be bygones. Don't mention it again in the future. Besides, don't talk to me like I'm your woman, or else..." Elva frowned and bit her pink lips after saying that.

The look of determination on her face told Zachary that she hadn't come to terms with this fact yet. He thoughtfully changed the topic of conversation, hoping it would take her mind off things. "We should find a place to recover your martial energy." Zachary looked around and pointed a direction as he led the way in front.

As Elva watched Zachary from behind, a myriad of feelings flooded her. But she told herself that she couldn't influence herself by anything that shouldn't have happened between her and Zachary. Otherwise all of this would hinder her further cultivation in the future. With her resolve strengthened, Elva marched on behind Zachary.

Soon after, they came t

was only fitting that they were referred to as gods.

Therefore, the places where they were buried were called the Five-God Tombs.

However, there were many rumors about it in the Supernal Continent. Some believed that they didn't exist at all. As if they were only made up during the formation and development of warriors' history, in order to motivate warriors to pursue the highest form of martial arts. Others believed that while the Five-God Tombs might have existed, the five figures that were said to be buried in the tombs did not. However, the Five-God Tombs were said to be riddled with astonishing treasures, which were rarer and more extraordinary than the others. These treasures were collected from heaven and earth by the five figures a long time ago, and thus they were called the Five-God Treasures.

Many years ago, countless warriors were obsessed with the idea of finding the Five-God Treasures, but most of those who tried had either died or spent their entire lives searching for the treasures with no luck. Fortunately, this obsessive fanaticism only lasted for nearly a hundred years and then it gradually faded away. After all, no warrior had been known to find the Five-God Tombs in the last hundred years.

"How do you know for sure that they don't exist? I found one!" Katrina replied, smugly smiling at Sophie.

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