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   Chapter 172 Cultivation Increasing

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After Zachary refined the poison, a surge of pulsating martial energy gushed out of the Holy Bone Bracer and rushed into his meridians, as if a torrent of power rolled into his body.

Zachary's body was immersed in a surging wave of martial energy. A purple light poured over and streamed around his body like a halo and spread all around him. At the same time, his strength improved rapidly with the flow of energy.

The sixth grade...

The seventh grade...

Zachary's cultivation level increased by two grades in an instant, from the fifth grade of Heaven Level to the seventh grade.

"It seems that I've earned a lot this time!" He was so happy that the dangers that he had just survived seemed like no more than a distant memory. He never expected that the poison he refined could turn into such a strong martial energy. He then remembered how the same poison almost killed Elva earlier.

After a time, the martial energy within Zachary's body finally returned to normal and the power of the Holy Bone Bracer gradually dissipated. He felt like he had just got back to life as a new man, for he felt indescribably different.

A delicate feminine figure entered the chamber. She immediately sensed the great improvement in Zachary's cultivation level and felt extremely relieved.

"Master Anne! Is she okay?" Zachary exclaimed as he jumped off the Ice Jade Bed naked as soon as he saw Anne enter the tomb.

"Her life is now in no more danger from the poison," Anne replied calmly.

"Can I see her?" Zachary asked as he was about to leave. He then looked puzzled when he noticed that Anne's face looked slightly embarrassed. She forced herself to look as if nothing happened. He realized that he was butt naked. But he kept his cool and smiled at Anne. "I think mine is something to be proud of!"

"The ones I use to make medicinal wine with are bigger than yours!" Anne's reply made him speechless.

Zachary silently turned around and quickly put on his clothes.

"By the way Master Anne, why was Elva poisoned? But I was not?" Zachary asked Anne. It was something that troubled his mind but he kept it back since there were more urgent things to attend to bac

ld pay more attention to her after what happened. She felt that it was something that a warrior should not let happen.

When Zachary heard this, he suddenly grabbed Elva's jaw and caught her sweet lips with his. She was stunned for a moment, but she quickly recovered and pushed him back. Her eyes were wide open in surprise. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Although I promised you that I wouldn't take what happened too seriously, the fact remains that you are now my woman. So I can't leave you alone," Zachary replied in a serious tone.

"What craziness are you talking about? I'm not your woman," Elva replied. She was shocked by Zachary's words but she never gave in.

"Then kill me, or choose me," Zachary said in sullen tone. He stretched out his arms and exposed his chest to Elva.

"You..." Elva glared at him angrily.

"I have done what I should and what I should not have done. Nothing will change whether you wanted it or not. Always remember that!" Zachary replied and smiled at her wickedly.

"I don't want to talk with you anymore," Elva said. She had nothing else to say. She jumped off the flat stone and started to walk away. She picked a direction and walked that way. But because her martial energy had not recovered yet, she walked very slowly.

Zachary followed closely behind her. He folded his arms across his chest but did not say anything. They walked in silence, like a young couple who just had a fight.

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