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   Chapter 171 The Poison

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Drawn by the purple cyclone, Elva's martial energy rushed into Zachary body. There were rays of icy light in her martial energy because of the damage done by the poison inside her body.

Elva's martial energy and the poison were constantly absorbed into Zachary's body. He felt that his meridians expanded. He then felt that his meridians were getting corroded by the strong poison, as the pain grew more and more intense. The more martial energy he absorbed, the greater the damage would be to his own meridians.

But he continued to absorb the poison from Elva's body without hesitation. The poison corroded his body and the pain kept growing as he absorbed more of the poison from her. He felt like his meridians froze because of the poison.

Zachary's lips slowly turned dark purple, and frost started to build up on his skin. He summoned all his will and defiantly resisted the poison with an indomitable determination. He was willing to be devoured by the poison just to get rid of all the poison inside her body.

Elva was too weak to speak. She could do nothing but mutely watch as Zachary risked his life to save her. As he absorbed the poison into his own body, he also absorbed her martial energy and she felt weaker and weaker. She could see how much he wanted to save her even if the cost was his own life. She could now see how much pain he was in and how the pain kept increasing with each passing moment. She suddenly felt a sharp stinging pain in her heart. The longer she watched him suffer, the more pain she felt in her heart. She never wanted to see him suffer so much pain and risk his life for her. If she had known that it would be so dangerous, she wouldn't have agreed to it.

A tear fell from Elva's eye. She then fell into a coma again because of the extent of the damage that the poison had done to her body.

An hour later, Zachary had managed to absorb all of the martial energy and poison from Elva's body into his own. He suffered so much from the pain that ordinary people could not possibly endure. His face was severely twisted from the pain, and his skin was covered with a thick layer of frost. He struggled to stand and separated himself from her.

Anne walked into the chamber at that exact moment. When she saw Zachary's suffering etch clearly on his face, a look of sadness filled her eyes.

"Please... Master Anne... Please save her," Zachary pleaded. Even the slightest movement caused intense pain and required great effort. He drifted at the edge of consciousness.

Anne watc

racer. Rays of light flashed from the bracer as it greedily sucked the poison out of his body.

"You have proven yourself worthy to be taught!" Andrew exclaimed as he nodded at Zachary.

"Now how can I use the spiritual energy in my Holy Bone Bracer?" Zachary asked as the pain in his body quickly receded.

"The power of the spiritual soul is induced by the mind. And the soul will move with your heart. As long as your mind is at the same level with mine, you can use the spiritual energy," Andrew replied as he nodded his head.

"So that is how it is." Zachary completely understood the new concept that Andrew taught him.

"I have taught you a useful spiritual skill. I will pass on one more spiritual skill to you. And these two spiritual skills will benefit you enormously." As soon as Andrew finished his words, he pointed his finger and a beam of light shot straight into Zachary's forehead.

Zachary's eyes glowed with a blue light. A moment later, it slowly faded away.

"Thank you very much, Master Andrew," Zachary said and smiled gratefully. He felt giddy with excitement.

"Now, take care of yourself. I don't know when we will talk again, but I don't want you to die before you achieve your grand ambitions!" As soon as Andrew finished speaking, he turned into blue light once more and merged with the Holy Bone Bracer.

The Holy Bone Bracer had absorbed all the poison from Zachary's body. Rays of light emitted from it and it sparkled in the icy air.

"Okay. Here we go!" With his eyes closed, Zachary inwardly exerted the power of his mind. He soon felt a connection with the Holy Bone Bracer. At the same time, the bracer began to tremble and shake.

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