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   Chapter 170 To Save Elva

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"But in this particular case..." Zachary understood what Anne meant. He stared at Elva's comatose state and hesitated. He just couldn't force himself to have sex with her while she was in a coma. Even though it had to be done to save her, he knew that it would hurt her.

Even though he had had countless dreams of having sex with Elva, he would never take advantage of her when she was in danger.

"Master Anne, can you wake her up? I want to talk to her," Zachary said to Anne after he hesitated for a moment. He was unusually calm and his voice was serious.

"Okay, but your time is limited. I can only give you five minutes. Whether you can persuade her or not is totally up to you. But even if you can't persuade her, you already know what you should do to save her. Don't think too much or you will regret losing her," Anne reminded him. "After you absorb the poison into your body, you only have one hour to detox yourself. Moreover, because you have triple martial speed, the poison is more dangerous for you. The faster a warrior's martial speed is, the greater the damage the poison will do. So take care of yourself! This is not to be taken lightly!"

Zachary took another look at Elva, who lay peacefully in a coma, and then nodded calmly at Anne.

Anne approached Elva and took out five Ice Needles and quickly punctured key areas of her body. "She will wake up soon," Anne said calmly and walked out of the chamber.

Anne was soon gone. Zachary stared steadily at Elva. He felt so guilty.

Elva eventually woke up and slowly opened her eyes. She was still obviously weak. She looked around and found herself in a strange place. A sudden chill overcame her body.

"Za... Zachary. Where am I?" Zachary stood beside Elva and looked at her. He was visibly worried for her.

"Elva, don't try to talk too much. Please just listen carefully. You have been poisoned. Your body is slowly being weakened by it. I must absorb the poison from your body. But the only way for me to do so is... We need to have sex," he explained the

ff his own clothes, and then positioned himself on top of Elva.

Elva suddenly felt her freezing body was suddenly surrounded by a strong heat wave. She groaned at the sensation of warmth on top of her.

Zachary gently caressed one of her plump breasts to get her blood flowing. She felt her body tremble slightly, as her body started to match his movement. Her cheeks became even redder as warm blood rushed to it.

His caresses on her breasts made her more ready for what needed to be done. He gently separated her legs wide. It was her first time so he slowly sank himself into her body.

Elva suddenly became a little nervous. When she suddenly felt the hard object forcing its way between her legs, she could not help but lightly shout, "Ah!" Her body started to tremble from all the sensations that flooded her body.

"Elva, it might be a little painful, but please endure it," Zachary said in a soft and gentle tone.

The next moment, Elva's delicate face was visibly in pain. She bit her lips and closed her eyes tightly.

The moment he was inside her body, he used the God-slaying Formula to its maximum strength and the martial energy in his body flowed rapidly. A purple cyclone soon formed and whirled around him. But this cyclone was different from its normal form. It flowed in reverse as if it sucked everything into its central vortex.

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