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   Chapter 169 Dual Cultivation

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Zachary's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he looked at the compass and spine-shaped object. The brightness of both was a new hue that popped off in his eyes. Right now, He just wanted to know what these two things were for. He had no idea if they would really help him and if they were related to the random quest. He shrugged and put the compass and spine-shaped object away. He sighed and said to the Holy Bone Bracer, "Master Andrew, I hope you're satisfied now."

The Holy Bone Bracer answered with a sudden light flashing. Then it came back to peace at the next moment.

Zachary turned back to the same way how he came here. He walked through the ice mist and went through the ice gate. Finally he came back to the place where he separated with Elva. His heart sank as his eyes found her. She was lying under an ice tree, almost like she was just sleeping. And yet, her skin was as pale as snow, her fingers and lips purplish. She didn't look like she was breathing.

"Elva!" Zachary called out as he hastily rushed to her. He felt his heart on his mouth as his eyes moved aimlessly on her body to try to find out what happened to her. Up close, her face looked pale and her lips were almost too purple to be considered normal. He leaned his face close to Elva's. His cheek was against her lips as he tried to feel her breath. It was slow and weak, and it was the reason why she didn't look like she was still breathing at all. He seemed not to feel the slightest relief though. She could be dead at any moment now.

Of course, Zachary couldn't just sit there and wait for Elva's death, so without another thought, he immediately took out the Treasure-hunting Compass. At the same time, he prayed in his heart that the two strange things he found were the treasures needed for the random treasure-hunting quest.

With eyes closed, Zachary carefully lifted Elva's body and said, "Enter the system." With Elva in his arms, he paused for a while before he opened his eyes again. Like before, his vision was easily enveloped by a flash of brilliant light.

In a blink of an eye, Zachary brought Elva into the system.

"Congratulations—" The first thing he heard was the delicate and serene voice of Mimi. But this time he had no time to waste.

"Not now. Take me to Master Anne first," Zachary snapped.

In a snap, Zachary and Elva were swallowed by the bright light again, this time to the Living-dead Tomb.

hary asked in a serious tone.

"So, you're the only one who can save her now," Anne said in a matter-of-fact tone, raising her head as she looked at Zachary.

"Me?" Zachary was stunned after hearing Anne's words. Much more confused than before. How could he help her?

"Your God-slaying Formula can help you absorb the poison from Elva's body. Therefore, if you absorb the poison into your own body, you can save her life," Anne stated.

"Really?" Zachary didn't expect that he was the one who could save Elva. But he didn't think it would be that simple.

Sure enough, there was slight worry written in Anne's face. "Once you absorb the poison into your body, it will weaken your body. What's worse, it might kill you. It's very dangerous. Unless you can dissolve it and fuse it with your body, you'll be in danger. And I'm not capable of saving both of you at the same time."

"I see," Zachary said, looking much less nervous. "Master Anne, after I absorb the poison, you just try your best to save her. I will take care of my own." Zachary's eyes were serious and as determined as ever.

Anne saw the change in his eyes and she said, "You can't just rely on your martial energy to completely absorb the poison. You and Elva need to enter a state of dual cultivation."

"What?" This time, Zachary blinked fast in confusion. Just what on earth was this state of dual cultivation? Was it really going to help him save Elva?

"Even the slightest drop of poison left in her body can kill her. The only way we can surely save her is by dual cultivation—in other words, having sex," Anne said lightly.

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