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   Chapter 167 Frozen Beasts

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"Elva!" Zachary was shocked. He never thought that Elva would chase him, jump down and risk her life.

"Zachary!" Elva called out to Zachary as she reached out her hand to him. She was not really sure why she decided to jump. But she was sure that she couldn't just give up even though it seemed that there was no hope at all.

No matter how desperate a situation might seem, Zachary would always do everything he could to save her. He immediately released his powerful martial energy and transformed it into a big hand. The hand then grabbed Elva and took her to his side. He then held her in his arms.

"Elva, you don't have to do something dangerous like this! Are you so desperate for us to be a couple already?" Zachary said to Elva in a teasing tone.

"Who would I want to be your partner? I can't just watch you die," Elva replied with determination.

"That's exactly what I should be saying," Zachary mumbled as he smiled faintly. He was about to use the Treasure-hunting Compass to call Orion. But Mimi's voice halted him. "You cannot call out Orion because you are in the middle of a random quest. And this quest does not allow the use of the assist function of the Treasure-hunting System."

'Damn! When did a random task come out?' Zachary cursed to himself. This random quest appeared at the perfect time.

But Zachary never gave up. He raised his Holy Bone Bracer and roared, "I know you want me to come down. Since I've already come down, would you help me now?"

"Zachary, what are you doing?" Elva asked in a puzzled tone. The sudden outburst of Zachary surprised her.

"Saving our lives," Zachary said with a smile. Almost at the same time, the blue light around his Holy Bone Bracer soared and instantly enveloped them.

Their falling speed hadn't slowed down, but instead became faster!


A loud explosion filled the air. Under the protection of the blue light, Zachary and Elva fell through the thick and solid icy surface in a devastating collision. Shards of ice and debris flew in different directions as the released cold created a mist that spread around the center of impact.

The icy fog dissipated as


They didn't know how long they had walked. But the scene all looked the same, and they never even encountered a single martial beast.

"Elva, let's change direction," Zachary suggested. They'd walked for a long time and he still felt that the breath was still far from them. This meant that they were traveling around in circles. And the direction of the monstrous breath was at the center of the circle.

"Why? Aren't we going to search for an exit?" Elva asked with a frown on her beautiful face.

"It's pointless to continue looking for the exit in our current direction. Besides, since we're here, why not find out exactly what is going on here. Perhaps this place is connected to the mystery of the closing of the Soul Testing Door many years ago," Zachary explained using a partially made up excuse.

"Yes, I think you're right," Elva agreed as she nodded at Zachary.

They changed direction and moved toward the center. Soon, their surroundings finally changed. A lot of ice sculptures suddenly appeared within view along their path. But these ice sculptures were not made of ice but were made of once living beasts. They could see their bodies clearly through the ice.

"What a spectacularly macabre scene! These beasts must have very high levels when they were alive!" Zachary blurted out and sighed. Even though the beasts were frozen, he still felt how powerful they were before when they were still alive.

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