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   Chapter 166 Three In A Group

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 5584

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"I think we should stick together. This area seems to be more dangerous than the other areas. We'd better be careful," Elva suggested, after some hesitation.

Zachary's eyes twinkled as he glanced at Bruce. He didn't want to stay with him. However, the area they were in was very dangerous. It was safer to be together.

"Okay, let's go together then." Zachary mulled over the pros and cons for a while and then agreed. Besides, he already acquired enough treasures for himself, so he didn't mind spending two to three days with Elva and Bruce.

"Bruce, is that okay?" Elva turned to face Bruce.

Bruce simply looked into her eyes, but he didn't say anything as he didn't want her to get mad at him. He silently nodded his head and looked at Zachary. 'Oh boy, you're doomed!'

Before long, the three of them set off on a journey to the southern part of this zone.

The fact that Zachary and Bruce weren't fond of each other was evident—they constantly bickered and sniped at each other. Fortunately, the most they could do was quarrel with each other since they were in the presence of Elva.

After one whole day, the three of them reached the perimeter of the ice plane. Under a towering ice peak, they looked up and awe consumed them. Not too far from the ice peak was a crater in the center of the valley. The basin around the crater was weathered by thick mist, making it difficult to determine what it contained.

"That's it. It's time to go back," Bruce suggested.

"Wait!" Zachary shouted, as he bolted full pelt, feeling an intense and mystical aura coming from the basin.

"What's wrong, Zachary?" Elva asked curiously.

Zachary stopped at th

chary on the chest head-on, but the martial energy from the Holy Bone Bracer protected his body. However, the monstrous momentum from the impact thrust Zachary into the basin.

"Elva, can we go now?" Bruce stared at her complacently.

"Why did you do that?" Elva couldn't believe her eyes as she didn't expect Bruce to be so cruel to Zachary.

"He's dead now. I just helped him fulfill his wish." Bruce laughed hysterically, thinking that Zachary would no longer be a threat to him.

"Really? Then you go ahead and run. I have to find him, even if he really is dead." In the blink of an eye, Elva unexpectedly pushed Bruce away and jumped down into the basin after Zachary.

"No, Elva! Why? Why?" Bruce wailed as he didn't expect that Elva would choose to die with Zachary.

The snow slid down in a great sheet, moving quickly and battering everything on its path.

Bruce glanced at the pit one last time as he thought of Zachary and Elva and reluctantly snorted. Soon after, he turned around to leave.

Meanwhile, as gravity took Zachary down, he saw a girl above him falling at an amazing speed.

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