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   Chapter 165 Illusion

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"I thought that it was a maze, but the truth is that, it was just an illusion of a maze. And the key to dispelling the illusion was hidden above my head. How interesting! However, sometimes the most dangerous place is also the safest place to be." Zachary smiled to himself. The maze was actually a deceptive trick and he felt proud that he figured it out.

He raised his head and stared straight into the tunnel in front of him. Deep in the tunnel, he could clearly smell the presence of treasures. He steadily walked towards the direction of the treasures that he detected. When he reached the end of the tunnel, a closed stone gate greeted him. It looked heavy and reinforced. He pushed the gate, but it did not budge at all.

"It's a lot heavier than I thought," Zachary murmured to himself. He released his strongest power and hit the stone gate with all his might, but the stone gate remained intact.

Zachary frowned and thought about his predicament. He did his best to get rid of the illusion, but now a stone gate barred him from moving forward.

"Is it just another illusion?" Zachary thought that since the owner of the abode used illusions to confuse people inside, it was possible that the gate was an illusion as well. He immediately looked around and searched for clues to the true nature of the stone gate, but found nothing after he searched for a long time.

"This is so fucking crazy! Open the gate!" Zachary shouted. He became frustrated by his lack of progress.

Then without a warning, the gate suddenly opened with a low rumbling sound just as the last echoes of Zachary's voice faded into the air.

Zachary became cautious for a moment and then started laughing at himself. "So cursing out of frustration is how you get the gate to open? An interesting choice!"

Zachary decided not to enter even after the gate had completely opened. He instead studied the interior of the area beyond the stone gate. He found it difficult to get a complete view because the area within was too large. It was furnished with a table, a chair and a bed that were all made of stone. It looked like it was set up as a place for living in seclusion.

Seeing that there was no obvious danger within, Zachary walked in and headed towards the direction of t

ag for a moment and opened it. The bag was filled with more than ten treasures of King level and weapon refining materials that were perfect for improving her weapon. The large number of treasures made her stare at Zachary in disbelief and awe. She thought that whatever treasures he recovered from the adobe would definitely be worth more than what he gave to her which was hard to believe.

Bruce became very jealous of Zachary. He never expected Zachary to be so lucky. "Aren't those just ordinary, treasures of King Level? It's not really a big deal. The real treasures in the Incredible Space should at least be at the Imperial Level!"

Zachary sneered to himself, 'You'd be lucky if you can find even one treasure at the King Level!' But he didn't say it out loud. Instead, he said, "You're absolutely right. I'm sure the treasures that I found are all just rubbish to you."

Bruce's face darkened. He looked like he just choked on something.

"Elva, is there anywhere else that you haven't explored yet?" Zachary asked.

He originally planned to explore the whole place. But if Elva and Bruce already explored an area, there was no need for him to investigate it anymore.

"We haven't explored the eastern and the southern wings of this area yet," Elva replied to Zachary.

"I can take care of those areas. Elva could come with me," Zachary said as he turned to Elva. He originally intended to explore alone, but he was worried about her.

"Go with you? No way!" Bruce exclaimed furiously.

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