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   Chapter 163 Get Injured

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Concerned about Elva's safety, Zachary gave full play to his Shadow Pace and rushed towards her without a stop. Fortunately, before setting out, he reviewed the terrain of the area that they were supposed to investigate. As such, he managed to enter a vast expanse of ice just after one night. All of a sudden, Zachary felt the temperature drop to freezing point. Although there was martial energy inside his body to help him resist the cold, he could still feel the harshness of the cold air which made the air he breathed out get frozen in an instant.

Zachary squinted his eyes and looked into the distance, trying to scale out the vast white expanse, but he lost all sense of direction. The terrain of the whole icy land rose and fell, and there were meandering snow mountains in the distance.

"Why would they send us to investigate this place? Elva, I have told you before that this kind of task should be left to me only," Zachary grumbled to himself. Although he wasn't sure whether the signal flare was sent by Elva or Bruce, he decided to find them first.

Zachary released the power of his Dog Soul Ring, which immediately improved his five senses. He sniffed at the air, hoping to catch a whiff of Elva's scent, but her trail had long gone cold. Thus, he realized it would not be an easy task to find them.

The vast expanse of ice looked quiet and peaceful, but there were many martial beasts lurking in the ice and snow, waiting for a chance to attack any warriors passing by.

Not long after Zachary had arrived, he came across three martial beasts at the primary stage of Heaven Level, somewhat looking like grizzly bears. They were bigger than two people put together and the hideous fangs that hung from their mouths were covered in drool, releasing a deadly, foul odor. Before Zachary knew it, the three beasts sprang up and launched fierce attacks on him.

He put on his Heavenly Silk Gloves and used the first move of Ghost Palm. He waved his left palm, creating numerous palm shadows that appeared and dissolved. The illusion made it hard to determine the fake palms from his real one.

This was a martial art at the premium stage of Heaven Le

released the signal flare?" Zachary asked at once.

"Yes. I lit the signal flare because I was worried about Bruce. But I still haven't seen a single one of those supervisors," said Elva with a nod.

"That's normal. Their marching speed is less than half as fast as mine. It has taken me less than a day to get here, let alone them," Zachary said.

"Then how did you find me?" Elva asked doubtfully.

"Of course, I have my own ways. I think we have more pressing matters at hand right now. I will slay this beast who dared to bully you." Zachary turned his head to the martial beast at the sixth grade of Heaven Level that was fighting with Orion.

"That beast is very powerful. Even if we fight together, we might not be able to defeat it. We'd better retreat first," Elva said with hesitation.

Zachary hesitated for a moment. In fact, he could easily kill the beast if he just teamed up with Orion. However, Elva had no idea about his real strength yet.

"Okay, I'll cut you some slack today," said Zachary with a righteous look, right after pondering for a moment.

He waved his hand, gesturing for Orion to retreat. Then, he put Elva in his arms before disappearing from that place.

Shortly after, Zachary, with Elva in his arms, gently landed on an ice stone.

"Elva, you should stay here and heal yourself first," said Zachary. He took out a fourth-grade purple therapeutic pill from his pouch and passed it to Elva.

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