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   Chapter 161 The Olden Divine Liquid

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6601

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All at once, a turbulent torrent of sickly turbid water gushed in from every direction, and Zachary felt the ground underneath his feet give way. A small gasp left his lips and his arms flailed, as he got flushed down a narrow passageway together with wilted weeds and the corpses of the martial beasts.

The world rushed by in a blur as Zachary felt like he was sitting on a water slide, twisting and turning through the passageway before the expected thump of the ground that knocked that wind out of his lungs. He landed into a bigger space at the bottom, and right in the middle was an enormous oval object that somewhat resembled a giant glowing egg. At the same time, the corpses of martial beasts and whatever weeds came down with Zachary started to disintegrate quickly all of a sudden, transforming into liquid before getting sucked into the giant glowing egg.

"Am I inside the belly of a giant monster?" Suddenly, Zachary finally realized where he was and what was going on. According to his deliberations, he must have accidentally ended up inside some kind of water monster and the cave he had walked in through might have been its nose.

Zachary found himself in a dire situation attributed by his own curiosity. If he hadn't been so nosy, he wouldn't have ended up inside the belly of a water monster.

Fortunately, his life inside the body of this water monster was not in any immediate danger. However, Zachary knew that he would have to come up with a way to get out before it was too late. Without further delay, he took out the Treasure-hunting Compass so that Mimi could scan and identify the water monster.

Suddenly, the Treasure-hunting Compass emitted strong sound waves which spread out and helped to determine the structure of the water monster.

Before long, Mimi's excitement was heard through her charming voice. "The beast has been identified. It is the Olden Divine Whale, a beast that had been declared extinct almost hundreds of years

hing as he spoke.

"Welcoming gift? You are lucky that I didn't digest you inside my stomach. You shouldn't be so greedy!" The Olden Divine Whale wasn't too happy about Zachary's request.

"Please, don't be so stingy! I just want one drop!" Zachary insisted.

"The Olden Divine Liquid can only be given to a person who is destined to have it," the Olden Divine Whale responded.

"How do you know that I'm not destined to have it?" asked Zachary, straightening his back and tilting his chin upwards.

"Someone like you..." After a moment of silence, the Olden Divine Whale exclaimed, "What? You are the chosen one! Did you have anything to do with the opening of the Soul Testing Door?"

"Bingo!" Zachary said immediately, winking his left eye.

"Fate must have brought you to me! You journey is destined to be marred with great many difficulties, and even a narrow escape from death. But never mind that. It's a rare blessing to meet a human chosen by fate. Perhaps our lives are destined to cross paths. I will give you a drop of the Olden Divine Liquid!" Soon after, the colors swirled and blended like a poorly shot photograph. When Zachary opened his eyes, everything returned to the way they had been earlier.

A drop of liquid shot out of the egg, flew into Zachary's body and merged with him.

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