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   Chapter 160 A Strange Space

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7157

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It didn't take long before Zachary sensed the aura of a treasure. He immediately went to the eastern side where the a pile of stones stood seemingly undisturbed. On the way to the pile of stones, he saw two disciples from the Shura College who were in the middle of a fight with a martial beast at the medium stage of Heaven Level. The disciples themselves were at the third and the fifth grade of Heaven Level.

Zachary looked around the battle area, and not far from the combatants was a strange flower. It was like the moon as it glittered with a bright orange light.

"Mimi, analyze that flower," Zachary whispered and pointed the Treasure-hunting Compass to the direction of the flower.

The Treasure-hunting Compass flashed a moment later, and the familiar voice of Mimi spoke directly into Zachary's mind. "Moon Spiritual Flower. It is of the Rare Level and it can be used to refine golden pills of King Level."

"Damn! Even a random flower in the Incredible Space is already of Rare Level. This is amazing!" Zachary blurted after he heard Mimi's report. He felt giddy with excitement, because if he could pick the Moon Spiritual Flower, perhaps he could exchange it with Anne for a golden pill. Even if he couldn't exchange it with Anne, it would definitely be worth a lot of treasure-hunting coins.

He stared at the disciples for a moment and then rushed towards the Moon Spiritual Flower with his Shadow Pace. He took it under the noses of the two disciples and put it into his Treasure-hunting Compass.

The two disciples from the Shura College soon killed the martial beast. They turned around to look at the flower and saw that the Moon Spiritual Flower was gone. In its place stood Zachary.

"You brat! How dare you steal our treasure!" one of the disciples exclaimed at Zachary. The two disciples immediately assumed that it was Zachary who took the Moon Spiritual Flower.

"What are you talking about? I can't hear you very clearly," Zachary replied while he pretended to clean his ear with his hand.

The two disciples were immediately enraged and rushed at him together.

Zachary smiled faintly and closed

This is crazy!" When he was about to return to the surface, he noticed a light not far from him. It looked like the light came from an underwater lighthouse. He hesitated for a moment but eventually approached the source of the light.

When he got closer, he discovered that it was really a lighthouse at the bottom of the lake. The lighthouse seemed to have a rare pearl that emitted light and made the lighthouse shine under the lake. But he was not interested in the pearl but the hole at the bottom of the lighthouse that was big enough for a person to go through. He had no idea where the hole led to but he suspected that it had something to do with the barren bottom of the lake.

Zachary went straight into the hole. The light bubble that surrounded him squeezed itself to fit into the hole and seemed to break at any moment. As soon as he got through the hole, he was suddenly sucked deeper into the bottom of the lighthouse by a powerful force.

Zachary ended up getting sucked into a strange place. He stood back up and looked around. The area was large and it looked like an underwater cavern with red walls. The ground had a lot of coral and weeds. Dead bodies of fishes and martial beasts littered on the ground.

"Have all the creatures of the lake been sucked into this place? But what is this place?" Zachary murmured to himself. The strange space made him feel like he was in the stomach of a monster.

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