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   Chapter 159 Treasure Hunting

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A group of disciples at the Heaven Level were standing in front of the platform. At the head of the group was a young man at the ninth grade of Heaven Level. He stared at each new disciple of the two colleges with piercing eyes. "Everyone, we are the supervisors in charge of monitoring this trial and to ensure your safety during the trial. I am the captain, Thomson Zuo," he announced to the freshmen in an emotionless tone. He paused and his eyes scanned all the freshmen present. "You'll have the time to freely cultivate inside the Incredible Space. However, there are a few things you should remember before you enter. First, there are many areas in the Incredible Space that are off limits. If you ignore this warning and still enter these areas, your life will be in danger. Second, don't fight with each other, or rob other disciples of their treasures. If we find out that you fight with or steal from another disciple, you would be immediately expelled from the Incredible Space. Thirdly..."

Thomson Zuo finished the few tips fast. Afterwards, he immediately gave a signal to the other disciples of Heaven Level behind him. They stepped forward, carried a few boxes and placed them in front of the disciples of the two colleges.

"This is the next thing that you should remember. These are signal flares. Each of you can get one. If you come across any emergency inside the space, ignite it and we will go to rescue you immediately," Thomson Zuo explained. He then signaled to the new disciples to step forward and said, "All of you form a line to take your signal flare!"

The new disciples from the two colleges lined up and took signal flares from the boxes as instructed by Thomson Zuo.

But there were a few disciples who thought that they could handle whatever dangers the Incredible Space had in store for them and didn't take signal flares. It was quite easy to figure out who they were.

"If you're ready, you can go now," Thomson Zuo declared.

The freshmen of the two colleges gathered together in different groups as they headed towards the Incredible Space. They were excited about going inside it.

"Elva, be careful. I will not be with you," Zachary said to Elva, who stood in front of him.

"The first smart decision from you!" Bruce said. He thought that Zachary took his advice and warning and decided not to be on the same team with him and

m. I can collect materials from the corpses of the martial beasts they've killed so easily, ' Zachary thought to himself.

However, it was not long before the situation shifted. The martial beasts that Polly's team met became stronger and stronger, and almost all of them were now at the premium stage of Heaven Level. Polly's team was starting to have a hard time defeating them.

When Polly's team reached a valley that was shrouded in mist, they decided to stop and rest.

"We should stop here. If we keep going deeper, I don't think we can defeat the rest of the beasts that will block our way," Polly, the leader of the team, said to the disciples in her team.

The disciples nodded in agreement.

"There must be a lot of treasures near here. We'd better start looking for them separately. But don't go too far from here. We'll meet again here after four hours," Polly instructed.

The members of her team immediately dispersed and began to search for treasures in different directions. Polly also disappeared and traveled alone.

After Polly left, Zachary, who had been following closely behind, appeared. "Where is Rita now? Is she playing a trick on me? But, why did she want to keep an eye on Polly? Or was Rita only following someone else's order? Her identity is really mysterious!" he murmured to himself.

"Ah, never mind. I don't really care about her. Anyway, she has to join me later. I'm going off to look for the treasures now." After that, he activated the power of the Dog Soul Ring to enhance his senses and began to look for treasures around the area.

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