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   Chapter 158 The Incredible Space

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 8297

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Tomorrow was that much awaited day: the day when the eligible disciples would be given the dazzling opportunity to enter the Incredible Space. Eligible disciples of both colleges were, in varying degrees of stress, preparing themselves for the event.

The number of qualified disciples from the Celestial College had risen in the past few months, very nearly matching the number of disciples from the Shura College. More than thirty disciples had passed the incarnation test in each college, but the gross scores still indicated that the Shura College ranked ahead of the Celestial College.

While there was no official competition for the disciples that had qualified to enter the Incredible Space, representatives of both colleges engaged in subliminal contest with one another. They were all secretly trying to see who would be able to gain the most treasures in the Incredible Space, or who would make the greatest advancement in terms of cultivation level. In a way, it kept everyone on their toes.

After he departed from the Sky Building, Zachary didn't directly make his way back to the system. His first errand was to return to the disciple dormitory, where he planned to have a few moments to speak with Elva. His plans were foiled, however, as upon entering the disciple dormitory, he was met by Bruce. There was a cold, displeased expression on Bruce's face, and he was clearly just waiting for Zachary to return.

For his part, Zachary ignored Bruce and that horrid expression on his face, and attempted to walk past him to head straight to Elva's room. That was when Bruce stepped forward menacingly to block his way.

"You little ingrate, I thought I'd already taught you a lesson about trying to fight me, but it looks like it hasn't gotten into your thick skull," Bruce snarled. He had already tolerated Zachary and his appalling impudence for far too long, and the two of them had been at each other's nerves since they both entered the Celestial College. Everything good that Bruce had done, Zachary had spoiled, outshining him in so many ways. Bruce made it no secret that he loathed him, but he had yet to find an opportunity for revenge.

"Me? Go up against you? Check yourself, you might be hallucinating. I've never even considered stooping down to fight you," Zachary sneered. He hadn't ever taken Bruce or his threats seriously at all, as it was Bruce who was harboring all that jealousy anyway. It was clear that he wanted Zachary's good relationsh

remind each and every one of you. The opportunity laid before you is exceedingly rare and precious. I want you to make the most of your time within the Incredible Space, and make as much progress as possible for the next two weeks. I hope that you all will be able to find something precious, or achieve new heights." Katrina looked around at the assembled crowd and nodded.

The speech was short, but it sparked life in the spirit of all the disciples from both colleges. Within the Incredible Space lay untold adventures and treasures. Their skills and strength might drastically improve overnight in such a miraculous place. They might reach heights that they had never thought possible.

The chances remained slim, but there was still that chance. And they would take it.

At Katrina's signal, the Soul Testing Pagoda slowly opened. The qualified disciples from both colleges then entered, one after another, in a line that headed straight through the magnificent Soul Testing Door and to that Incredible Space.

Zachary lagged a little behind Bruce and Elva as he passed through the Soul Testing Door. As he did, he saw the disciples of both colleges were gathering on a huge stone platform. Overhead, the sky was a deep, bloody scarlet, and the wind roared in their ears in gales that could slice paper. An incredible abundance of essential energy permeated the space, and Zachary could feel it sizzling over his skin.

At the other end of the platform lay a tremendous, bottomless black abyss. It spread out like a border or a moat, hindering the way to the splendid scenery on the other side. Volcanoes, flaming ravines, snowy plains...

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