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   Chapter 157 Task Assigned

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Katrina reported the investigation results to the dean of the Celestial College. The dean himself was reluctant to believe it, because there was no limit to the cultivation level of the warriors who could pass the Soul Testing Door in the past. Now only the warriors of Heaven Level with incarnation talent were allowed to enter. The dean furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and stress because it was becoming harder and harder to understand.

In order to figure out the whole situation, the dean ordered a group of warriors at the premium stage of Heaven Level to enter through the Soul Testing Door. Only then would they be able to investigate and look for information about the Incredible Space.

It took the pioneering team a few days before they finally returned. But after in-depth investigations, they still didn't know why the space was opened. Nonetheless, they were still able to retrieve a significant amount of information about the Incredible Space. For example, the martial beasts and treasure beasts that existed inside the space were mostly between the Heaven Level and the King Level. There were a lot of treasures inside there. There was also so much essential energy within it that it seemed to be very suitable for the warriors of Heaven Level to absorb. Despite their progress, however, there were many places that were considered restricted areas.

From all of the information collected by the team, it was clear that the current state of the Incredible Space was drastically different from how it had been in the past.

Although the Incredible Space was so different, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. As long as the Soul Testing Door was open, the Celestial College could allow disciples to train in the Incredible Space. The disciples of Heaven Level who were able to pass the test of the Soul Testing Pagoda would be allowed to enter the Incredible Space, which only meant that they would be able to improve at a much faster speed.

Unfortunately, this happened during the Shura College's visit. As much as the Celestial College would have wanted, they couldn't keep this a secret from the outside world for long. Other than that, the reappearance of the Soul Testing Door would definitely cause a ruckus within the Supernal Continent, which would o

selves this time," Sara said forwardly, encouraging the disciples.

A few minutes later, Sara dismissed the disciples.

"Zachary," Sara called, and he stopped to turn at her. "Stay. I need to discuss something with you." Zachary swallowed and went closer to her.

He found himself alone with Sara in the large room. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, "I have a special task for you. Since you had something to do with the reopening of the Soul Testing Door, I think you can unravel the myth yourself."

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't shoulder such a heavy responsibility," Zachary replied, surprised and flattered at Sara's sudden request.

"This isn't a request. Even if the Soul Testing Door is a great significant entity of the Celestial College, it is still an unpredictably dangerous place. I need you to look in on it because I'm afraid that it might close again like it did in the past. We still have to figure out why it suddenly closed last time," Sara stated, looking at Zachary with narrowed eyes.

"I'll try my best." Zachary nodded slowly in agreement as he tried to digest her words. Actually, he was going to look for treasures in the Incredible Space. He smiled to himself as he thought, 'I can kill two birds with one stone this time.'

"Anyway, Master Katrina said that if you can accomplish this task successfully, you will be handsomely rewarded," Sara continued.

With this, Zachary grinned at Sara brightly and said, "I guess I have to come back alive, huh?"

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