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   Chapter 156 The Soul Testing Door

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"Today's test is over. Thank you for your hard work. I'll send someone to give you the Shura College's scores, so you can leave and rest now," Sara politely said to Rupert and the other two masters.

Without saying anything, Rupert simply nodded and then left with the warriors and disciples of the Shura College.

"Don't loiter around here, all of you. Go back and practice!" Sara said to the Celestial College disciples who were watching them.

The disciples looked at one another for a while. Although they were curious about the test results, they were more curious about what had happened in the Soul Testing Pagoda. They couldn't help but wonder what the white and blue light was. However, as they couldn't ask Sara directly, they had to leave.

"Where is Zachary?" Sara asked as she looked around and found that Zachary had gone.

"Probably he took this opportunity to slip away again," Rita responded.

"This guy... Never mind. His performance didn't disappoint Master Katrina. Otherwise, the Shura College would really think there is a dearth of talent in our Celestial College," Sara said, smiling. "Of course, you did a good job too. Polly just reached one more floor than you did. After all, she has quadruple martial speed while you only possess triple martial speed. So, you shouldn't be disappointed with the result."

"Thank you, Master Sara. I will go first." Rita nodded calmly and left.

After leaving the Soul Testing Pagoda, Zachary immediately entered the system, as he intended to investigate the Soul Testing Door.

On entering the system, he heard Mimi's sweet voice immediately. "Congratulations! You have completed the random quest of opening the Soul Testing Door!"

"What the hell is the Soul Testing Door?" Zachary said, feeling curious.

"When you enter the Soul Testing Door, it will lead you to a magic place called the Incredible Space. There are countless treasures and various kinds of treasure beasts, as well as rich essential energy, which can make the cultivation much easier. Therefore, that makes it a holy place of cultivation, a place all warriors dream of. However, two hundred years ago, the Soul Testing Door suddenly closed, and countless warriors from the Celestial College who had reached the Sage Level and Holy Level were trapped in there. To this date, no one knows whether they are dead or alive!" Mimi immediately responded.

"Then how is it that I can open the Soul Te

artial beasts of Heaven Level went through the Soul Test Door. How could that happen?" Sara asked, puzzled.

"Which one of you wants to try?" Katrina nodded, agreeing with Sara, and asked the masters who were present there.

All of them looked at one another at once, but they were not willing to take the risk.

"Let me do it." Seeing no one come up, Sara went straight to the Soul Testing Door. After she had prepared herself, she jumped up, and rushed to it.

However, before they could blink their eyes, Sara bounced out.

"This is unbelievable! Even a warrior of Imperial Level can't enter the Soul Testing Door?" Katrina said, shocked. She hesitated for a moment and then said, "Call two guards of King Level over, and let them have a try."

After a while, the two guards came in, and tried to enter the Soul Testing Door one after another, but they failed too.

Seeing that, Katrina frowned and called over two disciples of Heaven Level.

Surprisingly, one of the two disciples entered the Soul Testing Door successfully, but the other was unable to, as he was thrown out.

That phenomenon was strange, but after investigating it, they concluded that the disciple of the Heaven Level, who had successfully entered the Soul Testing Door, had done so because he had passed the Soul Testing Pagoda's test. Therefore, he had the potential to cultivate the incarnation.

"Only those warriors of Heaven Level who have passed the Soul Testing Pagoda's test, can enter the Soul Testing Door. The limits are undoubtedly strange!" Katrina was unable to explain why there were such limits in the Soul Testing Door.

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