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   Chapter 155 The Legendary Soul Testing Door

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The Soul Testing Pagoda seemed to descend into pandemonium in the next instant. The floating stars began whirling in the air, transforming into shadows that stretched out and intertwined with one another. They formed themselves into an immense net-like formation, casting a surreal sight throughout the area.

As this happened, a tremendous white and blue pillar of light descended from the sky, beaming down and speeding into the pagoda itself. All the disciples from the Celestial College who were waiting outside the pagoda witnessed this spectacle and stood awestruck at the sight.

The brilliant light from the column permeated into the pagoda and it formed a shining, circular door right in the center hall.

"Master Katrina...this is...What's going on here?!" Sara gasped. She could barely turn her eyes away from the sight to glance at Katrina, completely bowled over.

"This is the Soul Testing Door!" Katrina choked out in shock as the light from the door shimmered onto her face.

"What? What is that?! I've never even heard of such a thing before," Sara stammered, even more stunned. Even in all her years at the Celestial College, she had never heard a breath of such a door existing, much less seen it appear before her very eyes.

The masters that were still in the area stared at the door, speechless at what was revealed before them. The Soul Testing Door was a spectacle so rare and mysterious that some of them had never even heard of it either.

"It's not a surprise that you wouldn't know about it, really," Katrina began. "The Soul Testing Door has been closed for over two hundred years now. The door is part of the Celestial College's darkest history. I myself can't speak much about it either. I had delved deep into the annals of our college to even learn what it was. It was said that the Soul Testing Door led to the Incredible Space. That space is said to be filled with the rarest, and most extraordinary treasures ever seen, along with a utopia filled with rare, precious treasure beasts. The Incredible Space was once considered as a holy realm of our college, and countless warriors have, for generations, dreamed of setting foot through its threshold. But two hundred years ago, the Soul Testing Door slammed shut without warning. Warriors of Sage Level and even ones of Holy Level were trapped inside and killed. I never expected it to even open today after what happened. Is it because...?" Katrina slowly turned her gaze away from the door and to everyone waiting. Her eyes landed on Zachary, who was on the 60th floor, as amazed as anyone else. But whatever she was thinking, she wasn't entirely sur

ir bodies.

The masters of both colleges now descended to the bottom of the pagoda.

Sara bid the Celestial College masters a meaningful nod, conveying that they were now all considered on-duty in the protection of the Soul Testing Door. Starting from this moment, no disciple was allowed to even approach it.

"Everyone, descend the floors and gather outside the pagoda. Make haste, at your fastest speed. This pagoda is now about to be locked down and sealed," Sara instructed loudly to all the contestants in the area.

Responding to the command, the Shura College disciples obeyed and descended, making their exit from the pagoda immediately.

"You three masters, exit the pagoda now, please," Sara politely instructed to the Shura College masters, though her gaze expressed that this was not a suggestion and more of a command.

The three masters, exchanging some suspicious glances amongst themselves, were clearly intrigued by the Soul Testing Door before them, but they had no real choice but to comply. This was the Celestial College's territory and therefore, their words would stand. Acting rashly could lead to unfortunate results, disgracing their own college.

All this time, Zachary remained standing on the 60th floor. He gazed down to look upon the Soul Testing Door for a moment before disappearing.

It wasn't long after this that the Shura College disciples gathered safely outside of the Soul Testing Pagoda alongside their masters, awaiting further events or instructions. Following them, the masters of the Celestial College, along with Sara and Rita, emerged from the pagoda. And with a wave of Sara's hand, a great force of martial energy slammed the Soul Testing Pagoda's doors shut, effectively sealing it from everyone.

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