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   Chapter 154 Climbed Up To The 60th Floor

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"You are..." Polly panted heavily. She took a closer look and saw that figure was not from her college. She was Rita, who was brought in by Katrina earlier.

Rita nodded slightly but didn't really give her that much attention. She then adjusted her breath and got ready to move forward once more.

"It seems that this new disciple of the Celestial College is really just keeping a low profile!" Rupert murmured in shock. He was convinced that Rita was not a simple woman. He then regained his composure when he realized that only Rita from the Celestial College made it up here while there were five disciples from the Shura College. In comparison, the Shura College had the upper hand.

Sara and all the other masters were also surprised except for Katrina. They didn't know that Rita's talent had reached such a high level.

The other four disciples of Heaven Level stopped on the 48th floor. They had reached their limits and could no longer go any further. However, their performance was quite good compared to the other disciples. At this point, Polly and Rita were both only one step away from the 50th floor.

Polly and Rita exchanged glances. They were both unwilling to concede defeat to each other. They refocused their martial energy and pushed themselves to get to the 50th floor.

The 50th floor was like a bottleneck for disciples of Heaven Level. If one could reach it, that not only proved that they had the qualification to cultivate the incarnation, but also had a bright future.

And the 50th floor was not easy to reach!

But the 50th floor was not the limit for Polly and Rita. They reached the 50th floor at almost the same time as the masters and disciples watched. The disciples all cheered loudly when they finally reached the 50th floor.

Polly braced herself and rushed to the 51th floor. Her movement shocked everyone.

When Rita saw this, she became determined to push forward too. She immediately jumped towards the 51th floor with all her remaining martial energy.

The two girls were under great pressure from the air that had become unbearable for them. Rays of light emitted from within Polly as she summoned her martial energy again. A shadow flashed from Polly's back that lifted her up and stabilized her on the 51th floor.

And the disciples from the Shura College all cheered loudly at the sight of this.

e," Zachary replied with a mysterious smile, and then looked at Polly. 'Polly, you will be awed by my great power this time!' he quietly thought to himself as he stared straight into Polly's eyes.

Almost at the same time, Zachary's Holy Bone Bracer started to hum and emit rays of light. But it was a humming that could not be heard but felt. And Zachary felt the keen humming as the bracer started to send energy throughout his body. The Holy Bone Bracer steadily absorbed the power of the Soul Testing Pagoda and exploded. But unlike the explosion the last time, this time it was an inward explosion as it fed the energy that it absorbed directly into Zachary's body.

Zachary suddenly turned into a shadow and continued to fly forward unhindered. It was like he walked on flat ground. All the people present watched agape at Zachary.

In the blink of an eye, Zachary reached the 59th floor with minimal effort. It was the floor that he reached last time, and he was only one step away from the 60th floor.

At this floor, the pressure that Zachary endured was as violent and powerful as the most powerful hurricane. But he was determined to jump up again. He pushed back the intense pressure and climbed further. Eventually he stood firmly on the 60th floor.

The entire Soul Testing Pagoda went quiet and calm.

After Zachary reached the 60th floor, the whole Soul Testing Pagoda suddenly flashed with an astonishing white light. Above the pagoda, the sky darkened and a loud peal of thunder crashed as they looked up and stared at Zachary in mute disbelief.

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