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   Chapter 153 Climbing The Pagoda

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Sara and the masters of the Celestial College present had witnessed the amazing performance of Zachary in the Soul Testing Pagoda before. Thus, when they saw that Katrina brought him with her, it was not a big surprise to them although they all had different thoughts about it.

'It's him again!' Polly stared coldly at Zachary the moment he walked in, as if she had just recognized a longtime, formidable enemy.

At the same time, the three masters at the premium stage of Imperial Level from the Shura College were also surprised to see Katrina. They never expected that the famous Queen of Charm from the Celestial College would actually be there in person. They all politely saluted upon seeing her. "Master Katrina!"

"Rupert? A pleasure to see you here! It has been a long time!" Katrina glanced at Rupert as she greeted him and briefly glanced at the other two masters.

"Master Katrina, you still remember me!" Rupert said with a surprised and flattered look on his face. Katrina was a famous warrior at the Sage Level in the Supernal Continent, which attracted many warriors' attention because of her skill and unmatched beauty. However, she was also famous for being haughty towards men. It was not unusual for her to treat men as insignificant individuals. Thus, the honor and pride that Rupert felt at that time were indescribable.

"You are the strongest warrior of Imperial Level in the Shura College; of course I should remember you," Katrina answered calmly.

"Who are they?" Rupert asked, referring to Rita and Zachary who followed closely behind her.

"Oh, they are the two special freshmen of our Celestial College. I want them to take part in the test with the new disciples of your Shura College. I suppose you don't mind it, right?" Katrina declared calmly.

"Why would I mind it? But there should be many strong warriors among your new disciples. Why don't you invite some more to compete with ours?" Rupert proposed immediately. He was confident that the new disciples of the Shura College were as good as those of the Celestial College. Additionally, he wanted to gauge the difference in their skills and abilities. This provided them with the chance to collect more information about the freshmen of the Celestial College, so that they would be more prepared for the coming freshmen contest among the four martial colleges.

"The other disciples have taken part in the previous test, and their scores have been recorded. There is no need for them to join this test anymore. If you want to make a reference, you can make a comparison of the scores when the scores of your new disciples come out. Sin

college this year, no one can reach the 50th floor yet," Katrina replied. She deliberately revealed a weakness of the college.

"Even Joyce didn't manage to do that?" Rupert asked in disbelief. 'It seems that the new disciples of the Celestial College are nothing more than ordinary warriors, ' he thought to himself as he pondered at what Katrina just told him.

"She almost made it," Sara replied briefly with a nod.

As they spoke, more than half of the disciples from the Shura College had broken through the 40th floor. This was more than the passing rate of the Celestial College last time.

The masters of the Celestial College slightly shook their heads and sighed. It seemed to them that they had been defeated. Only Katrina and Sara remained calm and composed.

Half an hour later, most of the disciples from the Shura College had stopped climbing. Two thirds of them reached floors above the 40th floor, and many of them reached the 45th floor. More than ten of them were still climbing the pagoda. Five freshmen led by Polly were only three floors away from the 50th floor.

Even for the most talented disciple at the Heaven Level, passing these three floors was a great challenge. And Polly was no exception. Her face was pale, sweat trickling down her cheeks. And yet, she still pushed forward. The other four disciples led by Polly soon found that their strengths had reached their limits.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Polly and the other four disciples. Soon, everyone would find out if they could reach the 50th floor or not.

At that moment, a delicate feminine figure sped past the 40th floor at an amazing speed. In the blink of an eye, the figure reached the location where Polly and the other four disciples were.

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