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   Chapter 152 Taking the Test Together

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No one had expected to discover that the Blazing Roc's master was someone who had been undisputedly voted to be the most useless disciple in the entire Celestial College. Masters in the college had, in fact, given up in his training and couldn't even be bothered to care any longer.

This came as somewhat of a shock to the disciples of both colleges. After all, Zachary's aura was so weak that should they have flicked a finger at him, he could've been destroyed. And yet here he was, the master of the exceedingly rare Blazing Roc. How did this even happen?

"This is just impossible! When did he even manage to get a treasure beast?!" Bruce stammered, aghast in shock. He stood with the rest of the stunned crowd witnessing this madness. Zachary, who had been summarily dismissed by everyone else in the college, actually owned a treasure beast.

This only further fueled Bruce's jealousy, solidifying his resolve that at this point. He had to do whatever he could to destroy Zachary, or at least any chance of his success in the college.

Polly, who bore witness to this, was shocked to their core. It was bad enough that she had already been humiliated, bested by someone like Zachary in movement skill. But now he had unveiled the rare Blazing Roc, summoning it as its master, and it was beyond all comprehension.

"Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous! How did you even manage to get the Blazing Roc?! It's strength is well over the Heaven Level!" Ellison burst out in disbelief. He couldn't help but say what everyone else seemed to be trying to process.

"Orion, why don't you go tell him the truth. Tell him if I'm playing a trick on them or not," Zachary simply said, smirking in triumph, gesturing to his Blazing Roc.

In response, the majestic Blazing Roc raised its magnificent head and roared in response. It galloped through the space and landed gracefully, unperturbed and calm, right beside Zachary.

Jaws dropped from all of the new disciples that stood there as the Blazing Roc displayed the type of loyalty that unequivocally proved that Zachary was his master.

"Well then! Any other questions?" Zachary raised an eyebrow at Ellison defiantly.

Ellison's face turned beet red, seemingly speechless before color soared into his cheeks in rage. "What are you so fucking smug about, little brat?! Even if you do have this treasure beast, you're still the biggest loser this college has ever seen! This only proves without a doubt that you're useless on your own! Why don't you fight alone and we'll see how strong you are, then!"

"I think I'll take that challenge. You

aid with a bow.

"Zachary," Katrina nodded. "Last time, your result in the incarnation test was declared invalid. I plan to give you one more chance to prove yourself. Rita hasn't taken the test yet. Therefore I'd like the both of you to take that test along with the Shura College disciples." At her imperious words, she headed straight into the pagoda without another glance.

The disciples in the area stared at one another, absolutely flabbergasted at Katrina's commands. A second chance like this one was virtually unheard of, and they didn't think Katrina would ever consider it. Zachary now had one more chance to prove himself.

Zachary, however, had to smother a burst of unholy laughter as he realized that Katrina might have been plotting something like this all along. So he turned to look at Rita and beamed. "Hello, lovely Rita! It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"Oh god." Rita rolled her eyes. "Every time I see you, everything is going to go sideways. You had better not mess with my test later or I'll finish you." Rita glared at him and stormed into the pagoda after Katrina.

And finally, amidst the staring eyes of all the other disciples, Zachary made his own way into the Soul Testing Pagoda as well.

The masters and disciples of the two colleges were in shock upon seeing Katrina. Katrina, with her influence as a warrior of Sage Level, bringing Rita and Zachary into the Soul Testing Pagoda, was not something they had prepared for.

"Master Katrina? What brings you here?" Sara threw on a guise of amazement. In truth she'd already expected Katrina's arrival and already knew that she had planned to bring Rita to join in the test. But she certainly didn't expect her to bring Zachary along as well.

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