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   Chapter 151 The Treasure Beast's Master

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6706

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After being chased everywhere for a while by the roc, the Black Ferocious Rhino fell to the ground, and it seemed that it was crawling feebly, unlike earlier, when it had been the aggressor.

"Damn it! What the hell are you running from?" Ellison felt angry and yelled out loudly, when he saw his treasure beast was scared by the roc. He was frustrated at the Black Ferocious Rhino's changed behavior. Nevertheless, the Black Ferocious Rhino did not obey his master, for it had been frightened out of its wits.

All the new disciples present did not seem to believe their eyes. The Black Ferocious Rhino, which had just defeated Richard's Peach Blossom Eagle, ran away without striking a blow. No one could grasp what was going on.

Of course, at that moment, everyone was confused. One of the reasons was that no one knew what kind of treasure beast the roc was, and how it could scare the Black Ferocious Rhino. Also, no one knew who the rare treasure beast's master was.

Soon, people were speculating, so there was a lot of excitement among them.

But nobody came forward. Only the fiery roc hovered in the air and pinned the Black Ferocious Rhino down.

"Is it the Blazing Roc, the treasure beast that ranks tenth among the treasure beasts with elements of Common Level in the Supernal Continent? That has the energy fire with metal element that all the weapon refiners dream of, and is as valuable as an ordinary treasure beast of Scarce Level," Richard suddenly cried out in amazement, looking a little shocked. He had raised a treasure beast himself. Also, he knew all kinds of treasure beasts on the Supernal Continent. So he could tell what a treasure beast was unless it was extremely rare.

Richard's reaction shocked all the disciples. No one had ever expected that they would see the Blazing Roc—the Supernal Continent's tenth-ranked treasure beast of Common Level. Although most of them didn't know much about treasure beasts, the gap between the Blazing Roc and the Black Ferocious

emitting potent energy instantaneously, the Blazing Roc appeared in front of Ellison. That was when Ellison released his martial energy to resist its attack. Nevertheless, he was blown away several meters.

The audience burst into an uproar as they saw the treasure beast's power. In fact, the Blazing Roc's aura was not more ferocious than Ellison's, but with its unique leverage of unequaled physical might, it defeated Ellison.

When Ellison was about to be thrown down prone on the ground, a delicate figure suddenly appeared. Two fragrant purple silk ribbons flew out, when she stretched out her arms, revealing her alabaster white skin.

All of a sudden, the two purple silk ribbons wrapped around the Blazing Roc's wings. Then, with a pull, its huge body shook in the air and fell directly to the ground.

When it was about to land on the ground, a figure appeared under its body at an incredible speed. He held up his hands to prevent the Blazing Roc from falling down, and then forcefully grabbed the purple silk ribbons that were wrapped around its wings. Afterwards, he smiled at the purple silk ribbons' owner and said, "Polly, show mercy on my pet!"

Hearing that, all the disciples present turned to see the Blazing Roc's master, and almost immediately, their expressions froze.

It was none other than Zachary!

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