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   Chapter 150 The Fight Between The Treasure Beasts

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7436

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Since Katrina had sent the Heavenly Silk Gloves to Zachary, he had been so busy practicing his Ghost Palm secretly that he knew nothing about what was happening outside. So, he had no idea that the competition between the two colleges had been getting more fierce since he had defeated Polly.

After he had fully mastered the Ghost Palm and the Heavenly Silk Gloves, his cultivation in seclusion was over. When he passed through the Freshmen Square, he suddenly saw that it was thronging with numerous people and that everyone was excited. Also, from time to time, their loud cheers and exclamations made the entire square extremely lively.

At the same time, Zachary also noticed that two beasts were fighting fiercely with each other.

'A battle between two treasure beasts? Interesting!' Zachary thought to himself. He then walked through the crowd with his Shadow Pace and found the best spot to watch the battle.

Zachary recognized that one of the two treasure beasts was Richard's Peach Blossom Eagle, and the other looked like a rhino. Its black scales were sturdy as steel, and the bulky rhino stood firmly on the ground. No matter how sharp the Peach Blossom Eagle's claws were or how viciously it attacked with its sharp claws, they could not hurt the rhino a bit!

"Mimi, what kind of a treasure beast is this?" Zachary asked the Treasure-hunting Compass.

After a ray of light flashed on the Treasure-hunting Compass, Zachary heard Mimi's voice. "It's the Black Ferocious Rhino—a treasure beast of Common Level, which is good at defense. I can sense that it has reached the first grade of Heaven Level."

"Which one is more powerful?" Zachary asked curiously.

"They are almost equal in terms of strength. The Black Ferocious Rhino is good at defense. Without a potent attack, its enemy cannot inflict direct damage to it. And if they have a prolonged fight, the Peach Blossom Eagle will exhaust its physical strength," Mimi answered immediately.

"It seems that there is a good chance that the Peach Blossom Eagle will lose," Zachary nodded lightly.

Just as Mimi had said, after a long battle, the Peach Blossom Eagle began to feel tired, and its attacking speed also slowed down. A moment late

ollege disciples speak, they were angry and felt that the Shura College disciples were looking down upon them. But the truth was that, besides the Peach Blossom Eagle, they didn't have another treasure beast. Of course, they couldn't rule out the possibility that someone might deliberately hide a treasure beast from them.

Unless they could defeat that Black Ferocious Rhino, they could do nothing about those arrogant Shura College disciples.

Just at that moment, a shrill scream pierced the air. At the same time, a roc engulfed in blazing fire smothered the sky with its huge wings. It sparkled in the sky and attacked the Black Ferocious Rhino, which had just defeated the Peach Blossom Eagle.

When the disciples saw a treasure beast suddenly appear from nowhere, they were all shocked. They didn't know where the treasure beast had come from, but judging from its power, it seemed to be coming to assist the Celestial College.

That was when the Celestial College disciples seemed to see a glimmer of hope.

Seeing the treasure beast suddenly appeared from nowhere, Ellison was startled. But then, he smiled disdainfully. In his opinion, the Celestial College could not win, even if they sent out another treasure beast.

However, to his surprise, the moment the roc approached the Black Ferocious Rhino, the latter screamed fearfully and instantly ran away. Everyone present was dumbfounded seeing it dash to safety and couldn't believe what they had just seen.

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