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   Chapter 149 Win The Competition

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"Show it to me. Don't try to trick us," Sara demanded. Zachary's confident expression made her think that he must have the sachet. Although she was surprised, it was still within her estimation. His movement skill was very special, and with his strength hidden very deeply, it was reasonable to think that he could get the sachet beyond everyone's expectations. Moreover, if he could defeat the number one disciple, Polly, from the Shura College in terms of movement skill, it was also considered as winning honor for the Celestial College.

"All right!" Zachary laughed as he took out the sachet from his pocket and shook it in front of Sara.

The disciples of Team Ten were all amazed when they saw that he really was able to retrieve the sachet and bring it back in time. No one expected that he could actually make it. Moreover, his opponent was the team with the number one disciple of the Shura College, Polly.

Polly came back as well after some time. When she saw that Zachary stood in front of Sara with the sachet in his hand, she looked embarrassed and disappointed. She had never dreamed it possible that she would be defeated in the first competition since she arrived at the Celestial College. More specifically, she was defeated by a nobody who was only at the Earth Level.

The other disciples soon got back one by one including Elva and Joyce. They were shocked when they saw the sachet in Zachary's hand. The other four disciples from the Shura College seemed to be completely dumbfounded that Polly was beaten by a freshman of Earth Level!

"He got the sachet! We are fortunate," Joyce mumbled to herself. At the last stage of the competition, she was surpassed by Polly. When she saw that Zachary had won, her pretty face looked strange—it was etched with relief and disbelief at the same time. After all, Zachary had defeated Polly easily who was stronger than her.

"So Polly, are you convinced now?" Zachary asked as he smiled at Polly. He wanted to laugh at her funny face but he kept it in.

"How did you do it? With your current strength, it's impossible for you to defeat me!" Polly asked as she ferociously glared at him. She still couldn't accept the fact that she was defeated by him.

"Isn't the competition a race? Just as you said, I'm a piece of garbage. As a garbage disciple, the one thin

no biggie. I was just lucky," Zachary replied in a plain tone.

"If you can win a competition even by good luck, then, the top disciple from the Shura College should not be considered as so talented," Katrina said in a gentle voice. Her brows went up slightly as she spoke.

"To be honest, she is very talented. If I have a competition with her in any other aspect, I'm sure that I can't beat her," Zachary stated in a matter-of-fact manner. He believed that Polly could be on the same level as Rita in terms of strength and that he couldn't possibly match Polly.

"It's good that you understand this. I also hope that you will not feel complacent and self-conceited just because you won against Polly. You are far from being able to compete with her!" Katrina said as she nodded. Ever since she was sure that Zachary hid his true power at the Heaven Level, she had been looking forward to his good performance. He didn't disappoint her this time. However, this was only a small competition; there would be more intense competitions that awaited him. She hoped that he would have good performances in the later competitions as well.

The new disciples from the Shura College all turned out to be very talented. Even Polly had the ability to defeat all the new disciples of the Celestial College. Katrina estimated that only her own disciple was strong enough to compete with her. Therefore, she also hoped that the rise of Zachary would cause a stir in the exchange activities of the two colleges and he could win honor for the Celestial College!

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