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   Chapter 148 Obtained The Sachet

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"Because I'm so weak, everyone simply ignores me," Zachary replied with a smile.

"Don't you dare get in my way!" Polly didn't want to talk to Zachary anymore. She rolled her eyes at him and continued to look for the sachet.

Zachary smiled at Polly. He then activated the power of the Dog Soul Ring to improve his senses. He sniffed around the attic and soon sensed a familiar fragrance. 'It smells good, just like the faint scent of Master Sara. Is it possible that this sachet is a close-fitting thing of hers?'

Zachary thought to himself as he walked towards the scent. A short while later, he found a pink and delicate sachet hidden in a roof beam on one side of the attic.

"Done!" Zachary put it away carefully and was about to leave the attic as soon as possible. But a beautiful figure floated overhead in front of him.

"Polly? What do you want now?" Zachary asked as he stared at her with a smile.

"Hand over that sachet," Polly demanded in a threatening voice. She held out her hand towards Zachary.

"Sachet? What sachet are you talking about? I don't have any sachet!" Zachary replied and pretended to be ignorant of her meaning.

"Stop pretending. I saw you take the sachet," Polly replied in an impatient tone. Although Polly was busy searching for the sachet, she was aware of Zachary's search as well. And because she kept a close eye on him, she soon observed that he found the sachet easily.

"Well, you're right I guess. But I am the one who found it, why would I give it to you?" Zachary replied as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her.

"Because..." Polly trailed off. She was stunned by his words. She indeed had no reason to ask him to relinquish the sachet. But just the same, she couldn't let him return with the sachet. If that happened, their team would lose the competition. She could not allow her team to fail in any competition, and this was her principle.

"It seems that you really want to win the competition. In fact, it's not difficult for me to hand over the sachet. All you have to do is beg it from me," Zachary said and made it intentionally difficult for her.

"You want me to beg it from you? No way!" Polly exclaimed. She snorted in contempt and glowered at him.

"Then you can't have it!

Polly didn't know what to say. She was speechless by the amazing speed of Zachary.

In the blink of an eye, the figure had disappeared.

"What kind of movement skill did this guy learn? I can't believe that he can actually beat me," Polly murmured to herself in disbelief. She was truly astonished by Zachary's performance. She was ranked the first place among the new disciples of the Shura College in movement skill. If she competed with the disciples of King Level, she would still not be inferior. But it was unbelievable that she was no match for a garbage freshman of the Celestial College.

On the finish line, Sara stared at the last wick of incense that was about to burn out.

"It seems that no one can make it back on time," Sara said and shook her head in great disappointment.

The new disciples of Team Ten started to whisper to each other. They also seemed to think that no one could return on time. The competition was truly quite difficult.

Just when everyone accepted that no one could get back before the time ran out, a fast figure suddenly arrived and stopped in front of Sara just as the last wick of incense burned out.

"Phew!" The figure noisily heaved a long sigh of relief.

All the disciples of Team Ten also looked at each other in mute surprise and stared at the figure. It was none other than Zachary!

"Have you brought back the sachet?" Sara asked Zachary as if she already knew what the reply would be.

"What do you think?" Zachary answered with a wide grin.

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