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   Chapter 147 Catch Up With Polly

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7118

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After Zachary easily broke through the blockade of the disciples of Heaven Level, he immediately went all out because he knew that Elva, Joyce and Polly were all still far ahead of him, and he needed to catch up with them.

This task was not a big deal for him.

Before long, Zachary caught up with the three freshmen of the Shura College that included Polly. Elva and Joyce were there with them as well. All of them were stopped by five disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level.

'Master Sara really put a lot of effort and thought into this. It seems that she never plans on giving either teams any chance of winning, ' he thought. The five disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level had tactfully sealed off the way to the attic and made it more difficult for the contestants to go on. After seeing what was in front of him, Zachary realized that Sara really didn't plan to let anyone win.

However, Zachary was not in a hurry to break the blockade. Although with his current Shadow Pace, even a disciple at the premium stage of Heaven Level might not be able to catch up with him. It was not worth it if he attracted the attention of the five disciples.

So he stayed nearby and waited to see what would happen next.

Just then, a beautiful figure suddenly floated in the air. She glided over the heads of the five disciples like a feather that was blown by the wind.

"Wow, she is flying! This is what a warrior of King Level could do." The five disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level were stunned. They knew in advance that Polly was the most powerful among the new disciples of the Shura College with quadruple martial speed. So it was not a surprise for her to do what she did.

When Elva and Joyce saw this, their faces were shrouded by a shocked look. The skill alone had proved that Polly was better than them.

But the two girls would not yield easily.

Just as Polly broke through the five disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level, Joyce took the opportunity while the five disciples were distracted, and used her dual swords. She focused all her energy to her feet. Joyce then

fast!" Zachary cried out sarcastically when he saw the five disciples approaching.

"If you pass, we will be punished. Even if we die, we must hold you back," one of the disciples explained.

"Master Sara is a cruel lady! Her punishments scare you guys that much?!" Zachary shook his head. Suddenly, he sped up again, as if he flew through the air.

"He can fly as well?" The five disciples were dumbfounded again. If it was amazing for Polly to use this skill, then it was a miracle for Zachary.

In an instant, Zachary increased the distance between himself and the five disciples. At the same time, Elva headed towards another direction.

When they realized that they couldn't catch up with Zachary, the five disciples immediately turned and chased Elva.

Zachary soon arrived in front of the attic where Sara placed the sachet. As soon as he entered the room, he saw that only Polly was there and Joyce was nowhere to be found.

'It seems that even Joyce are not her match, ' Zachary thought about this as he approached Polly in a flash.

"Polly, are you looking for the sachet?" Zachary asked with a laugh as Polly searched around. He knew right away that she was searching for the sachet.

"Why are you here?" Polly was taken aback at the sight of Zachary. She was sure that no one from the Celestial College could catch up with her. But to her surprise, Zachary, who was the weakest, showed up.

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