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   Chapter 146 Sara's Test

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Everyone was surprised. They could not understand why Sara suddenly attacked Zachary. They feared for his safety. Elva's face changed drastically and her hands suddenly clenched into fists.

Although Polly and the other four disciples from the Shura College never knew what Sara was about to do, they were sure that someone at a very weak cultivation level like Zachary could never avoid her attack.

Just when the martial energy released by Sara was about to slam at Zachary, he shook his body slightly with a calm expression; it was as if he never planned to dodge the attack at all. The next moment when Sara's attack was supposed to make contact, the martial energy passed by him harmlessly.

A loud commotion erupted in the crowd. They knew that Sara's martial energy was going to hit him, but it suddenly changed its course. The sight was amazing to behold for everyone present.

Polly and the other freshmen from the Shura College were also surprised. They couldn't figure out how Zachary redirected the martial energy.

"It seems that you have improved your movement skill again!" Sara nodded with satisfaction. Everything happened as she had expected. She had attacked him without warning in order to test his strength. But more importantly, she wanted to prove to Polly and the others that Zachary was not as weak as he seemed to be.

"Master Sara, even if I did something wrong to you, you don't have to kill me, do you?" Zachary said as he pretended to look pitiful.

"I'm just testing your strength. If you can't even dodge that, then you deserve to be killed!" Sara said in a critical tone. She then turned to Polly and the other disciples of the Shura College. "Although he is not as strong as the other disciples, he is exceptional in movement skills, just as you saw when he avoided my attack. You will discover his unique advantage soon."

"Master Sara, now that you have pointed it out, I believe that he must have his own merits," Polly agreed as she threw a few glances at Zachary, but the belittling look in her eyes didn't change.

"The competition rules are as I just told you. If you have no objection, we can start now!" Sara announced.

"Wait! Master

Nah. I estimate that thirty minutes will be enough for me," Zachary replied calmly.

"Really? Then I'd really love to see how you can get the sachet in just thirty minutes." Sara didn't believe that he was capable of doing what he said.

"I'm leaving. Master Sara, put on some lipstick and wait for me!" Zachary said a few moments later. Checking that the time was perfect for him to set off, he swaggered and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

He immediately shifted to the maximum speed of his Shadow Pace after he set out. The speed of his steps was as fast as the wind. Wherever he passed, sand and stone were blown to the air due to the momentum of his breakneck moving speed. During the past three months, he had made great improvement in his Shadow Pace and now it became superb. People only saw an afterimage that moved forward but not Zachary himself.

After a short while, Zachary saw two disciples from each team get intercepted. They jumped up and down, trying to break through the obstruction, but their efforts turned out to be in vain.

"They are so stupid. They don't even know the tactic of luring the enemy out of its hole!" Zachary shook his head and then shouted loudly, "Wow, Rebecca is dancing naked over there. Look!"

The disciples of Heaven Level who heard him immediately turned and looked around subconsciously.

Just as those disciples became distracted, a shadow passed through them so fast that they barely noticed.

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