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   Chapter 145 The Competition

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Early the next morning, right after exiting the system, Zachary made a beeline for the training ground. As he arrived, he found that the ground was already full of people crowding around and seemingly captivated by something. Slowly, he approached the scene and spotted five disciples in the middle of the area, dressed in the robes that signaled they were from Shura College. Each of them was young, and among them was a beautiful young lady who drew the eyes of everyone else on the ground. It was Polly.

"Hey, wait a minute! What are they all doing here?" Zachary asked one of the disciples standing near him. It was certainly unexpected. What could possibly have brought Shura College's new disciples onto Team Ten's training ground?

"Huh? Don't you know? From today on, we get five new disciples from Shura College to cultivate along with us. Looks like we're the spot for all the beauties. Look at that, the first beauty among Shura College's freshmen has been sent to us," the disciple next to Zachary chirruped, looking unbelievably thrilled.

"I see. So that's what happened." Vastly intrigued, Zachary gazed at Polly, who looked divinely lovely amidst everyone else.

"Watch where you're staring, you pervert, or you might go blind!" A high, girlish voice sounded behind Zachary.

Turning around, he saw Rita standing there, arms akimbo.

"Well...don't tell me you're being a little jealous? How sweet! Don't worry; I'll keep my eyes on you as much as you like," teased Zachary, gazing flirtatiously at Rita.

"Try it, and I'll cut your eyes right out of your head," Rita retorted, glowering at him. She turned her gaze towards Polly and added, "I didn't expect that Polly would ever be sent to be part of Team Ten. I'm pretty excited to have a rival to compete with, though."

"Are you looking for a challenge?" Zachary grinned, smiling at her knowingly.

"Me? Challenge her? Please, she's not even at the right level to dare and step up to me. Let's see her take on Elva and Joyce first; then let her try and challenge me," Rita snorted disdainfully, her smug countenance unruffled by the newcomer's presence.

Following all this commotion, Sara and Rebecca stepped into the training ground.

"Master Sara, it's good to see you again." Polly and the other four Shura College freshmen immediately stood at attention and bowed respectfully to Sara. Sara nodded at them in acknowledgement, saying, "Welcome. Throughout the nex

es of the Team Ten all whirled around to look at Zachary, standing in the crowd.

Dumbfounded, Zachary stood staring back. "Me?" he asked, pointing to himself. He was starting to get the feeling that Sara was setting him up. This was clearly the reason that she'd asked him to come here, putting him on the spot.

The other disciples of Team Ten were in uproar, aghast and appalled at this. They hadn't even seen Zachary in the last three months since he had been "exiled." There didn't seem to be much of an improvement in his cultivation level at all.

No one would've ever imagined that Sara would choose him.

"Well, hello, Polly," Zachary smiled as he walked up to the other members. He didn't protest Sara's selection and instead put all his attention on Polly.

When Polly saw Zachary moving so casually and slovenly, her expression darkened as she analyzed him. To her surprise, he seemed to still be at the preliminary stage of Earth Level. She glanced at Sara, somewhat confused as to why she'd send such an ill-prepared combatant for this contest.

"You consider this brat to be capable of even participating in this contest against us?"

"You'd better not look down on us!"

"I've no issue with the first four disciples but this last one..."

A hubbub was brewing among the other four freshmen with Polly. They were unable to accept such a decision and took it as an insult.

"Zachary, come here for a moment." Sara gestured for him to come to her.

Hesitating briefly, Zachary stepped forward to where Sara was. She suddenly waved her jade-like palm and cast a wave of strong martial energy towards him.

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