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   Chapter 144 Cultivation

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"You are prophetic, Sara!" Rupert replied as he nodded vigorously with a smile.

Sara had to fulfill this small request of Rupert since she was the host. She turned to the disciples of the Celestial College and called out, "Joyce, please come up here."

Joyce was calm and confident when she heard her name called. She was already used to situations like this. She walked towards the platform under the gaze of everyone in the area. She then climbed the platform and approached the masters who were gathered there.

"Joyce, this is Master Rupert from the Shura College. He is the best warrior of Imperial Level in that college," Sara introduced.

"Pleased to meet you, Master Rupert," Joyce greeted as she nodded at Rupert. She was neither humble nor pushy, but her tone was somewhat respectful.

"A pleasure to meet you at last, Joyce! I want to let you know how impressed I am by your quadruple martial speed! You are very close to the fifth grade of Heaven Level, right?" Rupert analyzed her briefly up and down and then nodded. "And courtesy demands reciprocity. I shall introduce you to Polly Qiu, the number one among the new disciples of our college. She has also reached the Heaven Level and possesses quadruple martial speed. But she wasn't born that way; she succeed in achieving this martial speed through cultivation."

Sara slightly narrowed her eyes. It was not so long ago that she heard about the existence of such a genius from the Shura College who possessed quadruple martial speed. Compared with Joyce's inborn quadruple martial speed of, Polly's martial speed was more amazing since she achieved it through cultivation. It was almost impossible for a warrior of Heaven Level to achieve quadruple martial speed through cultivation. Such geniuses were as rare as the ones who were born with quadruple martial speed. There were very few in the entire Heaven Supernal Continent who had such outstanding talent.

"Polly, please come over here," Rupe

"Work hard. Don't waste your triple martial speed. And by the way, come to the training ground tomorrow morning," Sara ordered and then left.

'Go to the training ground tomorrow morning? She hasn't tortured me for three months, so she wants to give me a hard time tomorrow. I wonder what she will do to me, ' Zachary thought to himself.

After he entered the system, he took a treasure-hunting quest. Since he had reached the Heaven Level, the grade of the treasure-hunting quests' treasures increased as well. This meant that he could get more treasure-hunting coins from the treasures. But it still wasn't enough to satisfy his needs. Every aspect of his present life needed treasure-hunting coins, especially for his two treasure beasts. They consumed almost all of his treasure-hunting coins.

But his efforts had its own rewards. He could now summon Orion for two hours to help him in battle. Thus, he could complete the treasure-hunting quests without too much effort. Moreover, when he collected materials in the Death Prison, Orion could fight with the enemies, which helped a lot.

Zachary completed the treasure-hunting quest after two hours. He then started his cultivation quest. After that, he went to the weapon refining room to practice weapon refining.

It was another busy day for Zachary.

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