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   Chapter 143 The Visit Of The Delegation

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Now that Zachary was no longer restricted in his training, he was very happy. With the help of the Treasure-hunting System, he went all out in his training and cultivated by himself day and night. At the same time, his Heavenly Weapon Refining Skill also improved, and reached close to the level needed to forge a weapon of Heaven Level. But he still had a long way to go before he could forge a body for Andrew.

Three months passed by so fast. Zachary successfully broke through to the fifth grade of Heaven Level. The Dark and Light Wonder Cauldrons were instrumental for such fast and shocking improvement.

Even his two treasure beasts improved significantly. Orion had reached the third grade of Heaven Level, and Kiwi had reached the third grade of Earth Level.

But Zachary was not the only one who improved during the past three months. Most of the new disciples in the Freshmen Zone also made progress.

Colin from the Virid Sword Sect smoothly broke through to the sixth grade of Heaven Level. Jason from the Dragon Fist Sect who was only at the third grade of Heaven Level amazingly broke through to the fifth grade. Bruce had already reached the fourth grade of Heaven Level and was close to the fifth grade. Elva also broke through two grades successively and reached the third grade of Heaven Level.

But the most amazing improvement was that of Joyce. She had broken through three grades in three months and reached the fourth grade of Heaven Level. Also, she managed to gain an absolute advantage—the quadruple martial speed.

In the meantime, representatives of the Shura College from the Devil Kingdom, arrived at the Celestial College for the exchange of martial arts.

The Freshmen Square was full of people. All the new disciples of Celestial College gathered there to welcome the delegation from the Shura College.

"Hey, did you hear that? There is a new disciple from the Shura College who is at the Heaven Level with quadruple martial speed. And she is not born with that martial speed. It is said that she reached that speed when she was at the Earth Level. She is obviously talented."

"And this new disciple is a beautiful girl. As soon as she entered the Shura Colle

and refined. His words to Sara were not flattery at all. As one of the main judges in the Imperial Level Warrior Contest two years ago, he witnessed how Sara performed in the contest. Thus, he knew that she was the most gifted warrior of Imperial Level in the past ten years. After the contest, he invited Sara to join the Shura College. Unfortunately, Sara turned down his offer.

"Rupert, I am flattered by your words! I'm just a rookie compared to you and the others!" Sara replied in a modest tone.

"Ha-ha! With your qualification, we're sure that you'll surpass us in the near future. I think highly of you," Rupert replied as he laughed loudly and heartily. He didn't have the haughtiness that normally came with influential people.

"Would you mind introducing the outstanding talents of your college to us?" Sara requested. She swept the freshmen delegation of Shura College who stood just below the platform. Immediately, she knew that they were all elite warriors. Even the weakest had at least triple martial speed.

"We are here to exchange martial arts with your college for a month. I am sure you will get to know each one of them. Do take your time. What I am interested in is to meet a gifted freshman from your college. Can you invite her with us now?" Rupert proposed abruptly.

"Rupert, are you referring to the disciple of the Virid Sword Sect, Joyce Chen?" Sara verified as if she had long predicted that Rupert would make such a proposal.

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