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   Chapter 142 Continuing The Cultivation

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"Really?" Elva replied. She watched Zachary explain his plan so calmly and clearly. A calm and serious Zachary was not something she saw often. She searched for a hint that he was lying to her, but she could find none.

"If I lied to you, my pants would be on fire!" Zachary replied with a grin.

"You have lied to me so many times before! I think you'll need a new pair of pants!" Elva wouldn't be deceived so easily by Zachary. But she did consider that he waited for her patiently to return and was willing to explain everything to her. Because of this, she decided to forgive him this time.

Zachary laughed out loudly.

"But if you offend Joyce, it will be like offending the Virid Sword Sect. Be careful!" Elva warned Zachary in a serious voice all of a sudden.

"I know. But don't worry. Considering Joyce's personality, she will trouble me on her own. She will not let her fellow disciples to bother me," Zachary replied with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"And don't do that again! I really don't understand why Master Katrina decided to send you to take part in the incarnation test at the Soul Testing Pagoda. That's so dangerous! You almost..." The memory of Zachary almost falling to the ground from the 49th floor in the Soul Testing Pagoda made her shudder in fear.

Zachary understood that Elva was worried about him. The thought made him smile but he said nothing about it. "Where have you been all this time?" he asked Elva with concern.

"It's personal," Elva replied flatly.

"Okay," Zachary replied back in a tone of disappointment. "So, are you still angry with me?"

"Why would I be angry?" Elva gave Zachary a chiding look and went to her room.

'I think she's still angry with me, ' Zachary thought to himself. He shook his head and sighed as he watched Elva enter her room.

In the meantime, Sara informed Katrina of Zachary's performance in the Soul Testing Pagoda. Katrina was surprised after she heard Sara's report.

"I can't believe that this guy is so powerful. Even if he has already reached the Heaven Level, it should be impossible for him to reach the 59th floor," Katrina said. She never expected Zachary would achieve such a magnificent feat.

"I agree. He is likely hiding something from us," Sara replied. She only guessed at this but had no real evidence to support her assumption.

"We can't let him be in the limelight any further. Otherwise..." Katrina said but stopped in mid-sentence. She had a scowl on her beautiful

e Heaven Level sooner," Zachary said in a pitiful tone. He pretended to be sad and disappointed, but in truth, he was so overjoyed.

"Really? I am sure that even without my guidance, you can accomplish that goal with your own diligence and persistence. So always remember to work very hard!" Sara knew that what Zachary had said was merely out of courtesy. She suspected that he must be quite happy with the announcement. But she didn't want to push him about it.

"I should go then," Zachary said as if he was granted amnesty. He flew away as soon as he finished speaking.

'He is really very happy about it!' Sara thought to herself when she saw his enthusiasm to leave. She shook her head and smiled. She then assembled all the new disciples of Team Ten.

"You have been in the Celestial College for quite some time and I can see your progress, but it is far from enough. In three months, there will be new disciples from the other colleges who would visit the Celestial College for knowledge exchange and communication. These visitors are all elites, and it will be a chance for all of you to learn from each other, but I have to tell you that only five members of each team will be selected. So if you really want to get this opportunity, you must train harder!" Sara announced as her eyes swept at all the disciples of Team Ten.

The disciples rubbed their hands in excitement. They all knew that this was a good opportunity for them to stand out in the Celestial College. If they could defeat the disciples from other colleges, it would also be a proof of their own strength!

"Continue your cultivation!" Sara said as she turned around and left.

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