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   Chapter 141 The Invalid Result

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"All the test results are correct except for Zachary's. The disciples who ascended the 40th floor have the potential to cultivate the incarnation, so congratulations to you! But ultimately, whether or not you can cultivate the incarnation still depends on yourselves," Sara explained in a calm voice. "And that is all for today. You guys can go back and rest!"

"Wait!" Zachary shouted out as the disciples were about to leave the pagoda.

Everyone turned their eyes on Zachary.

"Joyce, you haven't forgotten our bet, have you? You lost, so now you should keep your end of the bet," Zachary said as he stared straight into Joyce's eyes as the crowd watched them.

"You!" Joyce didn't know what else to say. She never expected that Zachary would take what she said seriously. But worse of all, she never expected to lose.

The disciples present were so shocked by Zachary's performance that they almost forgot about the bet.

"Of course she won't agree to it. That was a joke!"

"Yeah, how could a goddess marry a toad?"

"This brat is impossible!"

Soon, there was a hubbub among the disciples. And their words were all targeting at Zachary impertinently.

Sara, Vincent and the other masters stood mute as they stared at each other. The bet was exclusively between Zachary and Joyce, so they could not intervene.

"Zachary, stop it," Elva said. She thought that he was being too naughty. She looked cold and very unhappy.

"Elva, she lost the bet. So, she should agree to her end of the bet," Zachary replied. He understood that Elva was not happy with it but he had a plan in mind. He continued to look at Joyce mischievously.

Elva spoke no further. She gave Zachary an angry stare and gave up talking. Anger was visibly present all over her face.

Everyone looked at Joyce. They didn't know how Joyce would deal with the bet between her and Zachary. Even if she backed out on her words, they would certainly support her with all their hearts.

Nevertheless, Joyce knew that if she did go back on her words, she would be in even greater trouble. However, it was impossible for her to be Zachary's wife. Therefore, after she thought for a while, she sa

the yard for Elva's return.

It was almost dusk when Elva walked back into the disciple dormitory.

"Elva," Zachary greeted as soon as he saw Elva was back.

"Leave me alone. Go to your beautiful wife," She threw a cold, angry glance at Zachary and walked to her room.

"Don't you want me to explain to you why I did that?" Zachary asked while smiling helplessly.

"There's nothing to explain. You are free to choose whoever you want to marry. It's none of my business," Elva retorted in anger.

"Elva, I did this for the team. I sacrificed myself for the team!" Zachary explained with a smile as Elva was about to reach the door of her room.

"What do you mean?" Elva asked as she turned towards him. She stopped walking and became very curious to hear what Zachary had to say.

"If two men ride on a horse, one must ride behind. You and Joyce are natural rivals, even more when you are both in the same team. Joyce's personality will not allow her to give in to you and your personality is the same. Thus, sooner or later, your rivalry will be detrimental to the success of Team Ten. Thus, in order to mitigate the effects of your rivalry, I have to sacrifice myself and draw Joyce's attention on me so I can restrain her. This way, she could not go after you whenever she wants to, and weaken Team Ten. This is why I risked earning the enmity of everyone and disgrace myself in front of so many people," Zachary explained patiently.

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