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   Chapter 140 Reaching The 59th Floor

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"Zachary, watch out!" Elva couldn't help but shout out. She didn't know where her power came from, but somehow, her delicate body suddenly leaped for two consecutive floors. She seemed to try to get close to Zachary, who was falling from the air. But she stopped before she could reach him because of her weakening physical strength.

Almost at the same time, Zachary was going to fall to the ground. Were he to fall to the bottom of the pagoda from such a height, he would be seriously injured, if not dead.

That was why most of the people present were worried about Zachary. However, some were happy to see such a scene. For example, it was clear that Bruce and Jason were sneering coldly, as if they were eager to see him fall down and become a pile of lumpy flesh.

Masters like Sara and Vincent also realized that Zachary was in great danger, but they had no time to save him. All they could do was watch him fall to the bottom of the pagoda.

Just when Zachary was in such grave danger, a strong blue light exploded from his Holy Bone Bracer. Instantaneously, he felt a magical force dash into his body and make his body float in the air.

Then, something even more astonishing happened. An extremely blurry blue shadow suddenly appeared behind Zachary, which was unclear but visible.

"Is this... the incarnation shadow!?" a master exclaimed. Meanwhile, the eyes of the masters, including Vincent and Sara, were wide open. They couldn't believe that the blue shadow that had shown up behind Zachary was a sign that he would successfully cultivate an incarnation soon.

No one had ever thought that Zachary, who was only at the Earth Level, would have shown his incarnation shadow at that time.

Almost at the same time, Zachary stopped dropping. Instantly, he flew upward and passed through the 50th floor easily. It seemed that he was walking in the sky. What was more surprising was that he continued to fly upwards toward the higher floor.

All the people present were stunned when they saw the bizarre scene as it unfolded before their eyes. Not only the disciples, but also all the masters like Sara were dumbfounded and couldn't believe their eyes.

One floor... Two floors...

Seven floors...

Nine floors...

Ten floors?! The audience counted as Zachary flew upward.

In that

In the meantime, Sara and the other masters also went down from the top of the pagoda by taking the ladder and landed on the 59th floor first.

"Come and join us," Sara said to Zachary calmly. Without saying anything else, she indicated to Zachary, that he should follow them.

Zachary nodded. As his martial energy had recovered, he directly stood up and joined the masters. However, he found that the other masters, including Vincent, were staring at him as if he were a monster. From their looks, Zachary immediately understood that he had frightened those masters at the Imperial Level by setting up such a record.

'It's not my fault. I don't want to do this, either!' Zachary thought to himself. He felt that the frightening feeling that the others felt because of what he had accomplished was quite good.

Not long after, all the masters and the disciples were back to the hall at the bottom of the Soul Testing Pagoda one after another.

Sara looked around the disciples and suddenly declared, pointing at Zachary, "There seems to be something wrong with the Soul Testing Pagoda. I declare that Zachary Zi's test result is invalid. Please don't care about it!"

Hearing her words, all the disciples looked at one another and started discussing animatedly. However, they soon arrived at a consensus that Sara's explanation was reasonable. If that was not the case, Zachary's surpassing them, and setting an astonishing record when he hadn't reached the Heaven Level, would be equal to overthrowing their deep-rooted faith.

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