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   Chapter 138 Climb Higher

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On realizing what had just happened, Vincent and the other masters were shocked. Even an ordinary disciple at the Heaven Level couldn't climb to the 40th floor. Therefore, they could not help but wonder how Zachary, a disciple who was below that level, could reach it. Moreover, it was likely that he might be able to climb even higher.

Because of Sara's insistence, Vincent and the other masters decided to wait and see.

At that time, the fifteen disciples, including Zachary, who had ascended the 40th floor, were still climbing the pagoda.

However, the difficulty in the next step was nothing short of a struggle. Even moving a single step was a strenuous task.

Six of them were freshmen, and the other nine, who were their seniors, were at least at sixth grade of Heaven Level. Although all of them had outstanding talents, even they had a hard time climbing up further. Therefore, it was no wonder that the freshmen were finding the ascent difficult.

Soon, the team that continued to go up the pagoda was divided into three groups—the first comprised of the three strongest warriors at the premium stage of Heaven Level. Elva and Zachary were at the end. The rest of them were in the middle.

Although most of the disciples didn't know Zachary, they were speechless, seeing his performance. They were all astonished that even though Zachary's strength was less than theirs, he was able to ascend to the 40th floor just as they did. That he had exceeded most of the disciples of Heaven Level, was unbelievable!

"Bruce, why are you still here?" Zachary said that to deliberately provoke Bruce, who was in front of him.

Bruce was so angry that he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, as if he wanted to smash Zachary into pieces.

"You may go on. Don't wait for me!" Zachary waved at Bruce and the others, looking dissatisfied.

want to go up, I will go up first." With a smile, Zachary jumped up like he was carrying a mountain. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he reached the 46th floor, on par with Joyce and the other two disciples of Heaven Level.

All of a sudden, the entire Soul Testing Pagoda became silent and everyone stared at Zachary in disbelief.

"You are such a freak!" Looking at Zachary, Joyce was surprised beyond belief. As it was, she was already amazed when Zachary broke her swordsmanship and defeated Wilson with only one move. Now that he was able to reach the 46th floor, she was even more intrigued about him.

"How about having a competition with me? Let's see who the winner is. If you lose, you will marry me," Zachary said meaning to annoy Joyce.

Zachary's words were met with a lot of booing for people thought that he was insane. That was because his saying that he wanted to marry Joyce was nothing short of insanity!

"This guy is hopeless," Bruce snorted with contempt.

Elva too was extremely agitated on hearing what Zachary had said, and looked sufficiently displeased.

"Why should I compete with you?" Of course, Joyce would not easily be provoked by Zachary.

"I know you dare not." Zachary laughed.

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