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   Chapter 137 Climbing The Floors

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Updated: 2020-01-30 12:35

The reason why Sara made Zachary take the incarnation test was to gauge his current strength. She mentally prepared herself to not underestimate Zachary, since he had the tendency to surprise everyone with great results.

After reaching the 20th floor, most of the disciples began to slow down their pace. They knew that the faster they climbed up, the faster the consumption of the martial energy in their bodies would be as well. Since their martial energy was limited, they had to employ calculated strategies in order to successfully reach the 40th floor.

When they were about to reach the 30th floor, majority of the disciples at the primary stage of Heaven Level began to pant and feel exhausted. They dragged their tired legs forward with difficulty. Not long after, the weak disciples couldn't hold out any longer. They could no longer move their bodies so they sat on the spot to recover their breath. A large portion of these disciples who gave up were novices. On the other hand, the more experienced and powerful disciples continued to advance.

Meanwhile, Elva, who was in the end of the disciples with Zachary, began to pant for breath as well.

"Elva, are you okay?" Zachary asked with concern.

"I'm fine. How about you? Don't you feel uncomfortable?" Seeing that Zachary didn't look tired at all, Elva sensed that something was a little strange.

"I'm fine! I don't feel tired," Zachary replied with ease, as if nothing was going on. His current strength was comparable to Elva's. The main difference was that Elva practiced the meditating cultivation method while he practiced the physical cultivation method. In addition to the consumption of the martial energy, the power of the Soul Testing Pagoda would also cause a huge burden to the body. Compared to the other disciples, Zachary was having a relaxed time in this test.

"Really?" Elva asked incredulously. Unknowingly, she narrowed her eyes in confusion as she began wondering about Zachary's strange behavior. She soon got rid of her thoughts. After all, it would be good if he could pass the test with his current strength.

Zachary nodded in confirmation. He really didn't feel any pressure at all. On the contrary, most of the disciples seemed to stagger along as if they were under enormous weight. Some of them could hardly stand up, and their pale faces were dripping with sweat from their foreheads.

Elva took a swift glance at Zachary to make sure that he was doing fine. His usual posture and expression proved to her that he was indeed alright.

t Zachary and started to discuss with each other.

"It was no question that he was outstanding. However, I think he needs to stop here. I'm afraid that it will be very dangerous for him if he continues to climb the pagoda," Vincent said. As the person in charge of the test, it was already a violation of the regulations to let Zachary take the test. Furthermore, Zachary had already shown his extraordinary talent, which was more than enough to pass the test. After the 40th floor, however, it would be impossible for him to continue climbing up without reaching the Heaven Level. If he forced his way up to the higher floors, he would only be hurt by the power of the Soul Testing Pagoda.

"There is no need for us to stop him. Just let him continue," Sara replied suddenly.

"Sara, what do you mean? If it is only to test whether he has the potential to cultivation the incarnation, his current performance is great enough. There is no need for him to take great risk." Puzzled, Vincent stared at her.

"I will be fully responsible for the consequences," Sara stated calmly. Unlike the other masters, Sara was neither surprised nor skeptical. Her expression was very composed.

At her reply, Vincent made eye contact with the other masters. They looked at each other in confusion, having no idea why Sara insisted on letting Zachary continue to climb the pagoda.

"Don't you think it is already a miracle for him to reach the 40th floor with his strength? Besides, I don't think he has reached his limit," Sara observed. She thought that if Zachary had indeed reached the Heaven Level, then the 40th floor definitely wasn't his limit. She wanted to see if he could work wonders.

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