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   Chapter 136 Taking The Test

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Zachary walked right up to Elva with a cheeky grin. He acted as if the test would be a walk in the park, unaware that the incarnation test would not be fun at all. Many disciples of Heaven Level had experienced nausea, dizziness, and even some cases of trauma after they took the test.

"Why did Master Sara let you participate?" Elva asked with concern as she observed Zachary's nonchalant attitude.

"She said she wanted me to experience something new. I didn't want to come, but when I heard that you'd also be taking the test, I came here as fast as I could!" Zachary replied with exaggeration.

"Really? It seems like Master Sara treats you differently. But strangely, Master Katrina was the one who ordered you to enter the competition." Elva's tone was skeptical.

"Are you jealous? Don't worry. I am a faithful man," Zachary said with a narcissistic smile.

Elva gave Zachary an annoyed expression.

"Let's go," Vincent said as he motioned for Sara and the other masters to follow him.

The masters walked to the ladder in the center of the hall, and it transferred them to the top floor. There they could observe the entire Soul Testing Pagoda.

"Listen up, everyone. We will be starting now. When you step foot on the pagoda, you need to release your martial energy and keep your balance. You need to focus your attention on the whole process. If you find it hard to breathe, or your martial energy is exhausted, do not proceed to climb the pagoda anymore. Stay where you are and wait for the end of the test," Vincent ordered as his voice echoed from the top of the pagoda.

After he finished giving the instructions, the disciples lined up orderly and started preparing themselves for the test.

That very instant, the Soul Testing Pagoda let out a rumble. A strong force rushed out from its bottom and spread throughout the entire pagoda. In a flash, it turned into countless shining points and released strange light. It flew around in a whirlwind!

Some of the disciples who took the test for the first time, were surprised.

ood chance that Elva can make such achievement," one of the masters responded.

"So nothing is impossible!" Sara added firmly.

"We'll see what will happen." Vincent grinned.

As the masters conversed, more than half of the disciples had reached over ten floors, and none of them had stopped yet. At the end of the queue, Elva and Zachary sauntered along the stones, feeling relaxed.

"Zachary, you don't need to force yourself if you can't stand the pressure. I'll be fine on my own if you want to stop," Elva said with worry as she turned to look at Zachary.

"I know," Zachary replied. He had already reached the first grade of Heaven Level, so the pressure wasn't a big deal to him.

Soon, they both reached the 10th floor, which caused quite a stir among the other disciples. Because they thought that with Zachary's strength, ten floors would be his limit. But Zachary seemed to be skillful at climbing.

It didn't take long for most of the disciples to climb up to the 20th floor, and their overall performance was good.

Zachary and Elva continued to climb the pagoda and were close to the 20th floor, which really surprised the other disciples.

Even Vincent and the other masters were shocked, and they started to discuss among themselves. But Sara remained calm, as if she had known that Zachary would succeed in reaching such a high floor.

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