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   Chapter 135 The Soul Testing Pagoda

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"The Soul Testing Pagoda is a place to test if a warrior can cultivate their incarnation," Sara explained to Zachary.

"I never expected that such a place exists," Zachary replied in a surprised tone. Knowing of the existence of such a place broadened his perception.

"This Soul Testing Pagoda was created by a weapon refiner called 'Ghost Refiner.' It is specially used to test a warrior's incarnation. But it is said that the Soul Testing Pagoda was created with a very powerful spiritual soul as its core," Sara continued to explain.

"The more you tell me about it, the more mysterious it sounds! However, since you have brought me here, do you want to test me?" Zachary asked as he raised his eyebrows.

"Generally speaking, only when one reaches the Heaven Level can one enter the Soul Testing Pagoda and get tested. There's a group of disciples at the Heaven Level who're taking the test today. I want you to join them. Some freshmen of Heaven Level have also been selected to take the test, and Bruce and Elva are among them," Sara explained.

"Really? You have just made me very interested to take that test," Zachary replied. His eyes sparkled with keen interest.

He then followed Sara into the Soul Testing Pagoda. The bottom of the tower was a large octagonal hall. There was a ladder in the middle of the hall that went up. There were also spiral stone steps that were suspended in mid-air. The stone steps were not connected anywhere and they went all the way to the top of the tower. However, unlike regular stone steps, the distance between each step was half a meter.

Dozens of disciples of Heaven Level were gathered in the hall. Their strength varied from premium stage to primary stage, and Zachary had never seen most of them before. Colin, Joyce and Derrick of the Virid Sword Sect were there, so were Jason and two others from the Dragon Fist Sect. Richard and Adolph of the Hua Clan were also there.

Peculiarly, Rita was not present.

A list of potential new disciples was released a few days ago, and Rita was ranked first, followed by Colin from the Virid Sword Sect. Jason, Joyce, Bruce and Elva were also in the top ten. Since Colin and the others were in the hall, Rita should be here as well.

" Sara replied with a slight bow. She then turned to Zachary and said, "Once the incarnation test begins, go and follow behind the other disciples. Don't push yourself too hard. Just do your best and play to your true strength."

Zachary nodded and then walked towards Elva.

The other disciples were surprised to hear that the instruction to allow Zachary to take the test came all the way from Katrina.

"I doubt if he can even get to the tenth floor with his weak strength."

"I'm sure that he'll wet his pants out of fear by then!"

"I've never heard of a freshman at the Earth Level who was allowed to take part in the incarnation test. It's unprecedented!"

Many of the disciples sneered at Zachary and didn't think he would make it.

Bruce and Jason were among the disciples who talked behind Zachary's back. They stared at Zachary with hate-filled eyes, as if they wanted to chop him into pieces at that very moment.

Joyce looked at Zachary differently this time. The news of Zachary's win against a freshman at the second grade of Heaven Level was not known outside of the team. But since Joyce witnessed the incredible fight firsthand, she wisely decided to reserve judgment.

'This guy cannot be underestimated! I never expected that Master Katrina would personally order him to join the incarnation test. I think I should talk with him more moving forward, ' Joyce thought to herself. Richard, who was acquainted with Zachary, had a mischievous smile on his face.

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